Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Here are some of the best New England Patriots fantasy football names and ideas for your league. Put the power of six Super Bowl victories to work for you.

This list contains funny names and puns based on coach names, superstar players and the team itself. So ‘do your job’ and put one of these terrific names to work for your fantasy team today.

New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names

Boston Massacre.

We’re On To Cincinnati.

Foxboro Murdersquad.

The Cheatriots.

New England Bradeflates.

Uggs and Thugs.

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Head Coach Bill Belichick Names

Lord of the Rings.

Belicheck Yo Self.

Bill Belichick’s Smile.


Discount Belichick.

Bill Belichick’s Rental Videos.

Bill Belicheat.

From da Hoodie.

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Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Names

Arts & Krafts.

Krafty Like A Fox.

Gillette My People Go.

The Krafty Bastards.

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Tom Brady Fantasy Football Names

Brady Gaga.

Here’s My Number, So Call Me Brady.

Brady and The Champ.

Gisele’s Bundchens.

The Brady Cuffs.

Hit Me Brady One More Time.

Touchdown Tommy.

Brady Bountiful.

Nobody Puts Brady In a Corner.

The Brady Bunch.

Brady’s Got Back.

Luck Be a Brady Tonight.

Brady the GOAT.

Brady Antebellum.


More Brady Names

Dude Looks Like A Brady.

Tommy Tutone.

Luck Be My Brady Tonight.

My Old Brady.

Brady with Acute Gronkitis.

Brady Killer.

Bradies and Edelman.

The Real Slim Brady.

Tom Brady Fan Club President.

A Dingo Ate My Brady.

Brady Needs A Welker.

My Fair Brady.

Brady Luck.

Wentz, Twice, 3 Times a Brady.

Tom Brady Wears UGG Boots.

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DeflateGate Names

Deflate This.

More Wins Than PSI.

PSI Love You.


Brady and the Deflaters.

The Deflatriots.

The Blind PSIde.

Airing it out.

U Deflated Bro?

Patriots Top Fantasy Players

Tom Brady, QB.

Sony Michel, RB.

James White, RB.

Rex Burkhead,RB.

James Develin, RB.

Cordarrelle Patterson, RB.

Julian Edelman, WR.

Chris Hogan, WR.

Phillip Dorsett, WR.

Rob Gronkowski, TE.

Tyler Conklin, TE.

Rob Gronkowski

Gronk’s Party Ship.

Make America Gronk Again.

Acute Gronkitis.

The Big Gronkowski.

Party Like a Gronk Star.

The Gronk Shaker.

What About Rob.


It’s a Hard Gronk Life.

Nice Gronkdonkadonk.

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More Gronk

The Gronk Abides.

The Little Gronkowski Urban Achievers.

Gronkowski, Gostkowski and White, Attorneys At Law.

Wanna Gronk?

Momma said Gronk you out.


Gronky Tonk Man.

Boston TE Party.

You Got Rob’ed.

Gronkey Kong.

Gronk if you think team should throw more to the tight end.

Gronkey Teeth.

Command and Gronker.


Imperial Gronk-Class Cruiser.

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Julian Edelman Fantasy Football Names

Ladies and Edelman.

Can’t Find An Edelman.

Julian Caesar.

League of Extraordinary Edelmens.

Hansel and Gredelman.

Carrots Julian.

Edelmania is Running Wild.

Put the Pedal to the Edelman.

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Clever Sony Michel Fantasy Football Names

Sony Walkman.

Michel My Belle.

Sony Side Up.

It’s Always Sony in New England.

Forecast: Sony.

Sony With a Chance of Gains.

Michel Pfeiffer.

Sony Delight.

Sony’s Play Station.

Sony, Be Moved.

Sony Michel’s High School Reunion.

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Patriots Funny Fantasy Football Names

Hogan’s Heroes.

Malcolm Mitchell in the Middle.

The Develin Miss Jones.

Talented Mr. Ridley.

The Develin to Pay.


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Smells Like Britt.

Hoyer the Destroyer.

The Man In The Hightower.

Malcolm Gone.

You Wynn Some, You Lose Some.

Dont’a’s Inferno.

Jame White Power.

Blame It On The Dwayne.

Rex and Drugs.

Malcom Butler’s Ghost.

Ice Cold Bruschi’s.

Gym Rat Receiver Corps.

Left Footed Punters Only.

Ridley’s Talib It or Not.

Hall of Fame Names

(Some of the best Patriots fantasy football names from the past.)

Give Me A Bruschi.

A Quick Witten A Sharpe Chung.

LaFell in Love With a Girl.

The Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Deion Branch.

Amendola Dolla Bills Y’all.

Talib it to Beaver.

McGinest World Record.

The Big Gostkowski.

Donte’s Balloon Inferno.

The Big Glasskowski.

Patriots Football Trivia

Q: What was the team’s original name?

A: The Boston Patriots, founded in 1959.

Q: What year did the Patriots make their first-ever Super Bowl appearance?

A: In 1985, losing to the Chicago Bears 46-10.

Q: What was Steve Grogan’s jersey number with the Patriots?

A: #14

Q: Where did Tom Brady attend college?

A: The University of Michigan (Wolverines).

Q: Who was the Patriots first coach?

A: Lou Saban

Q: How many retired Patriot uniforms are there?

A: Seven: Gino Cappelletti, Mike Haynes, Steve Nelson, John Hannah, Bruce Armstrong, Jim Lee Hunt and Bob Dee.


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