Cardinals Fantasy Football Names

Looking for some funny Arizona Cardinals fantasy football names? You’ve arrived! These lists of creative and unique names will have you ready for your league.

The Cardinals are led by rookie quarterback Kyler Murray, veteran receiver Larry Fitzgerald and star RB David Johnson. New head coach Kliff Kingsbury hopes to return the team to the top of the NFC West. Check out this list of fantasy football names, and play your cards right.

Our expert panel’s Top Dozen Fantasy Names kick things off. They’re great if you’re in a hurry. If not, explore all the naming options.

Best Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Team Names

1.) Raising Arizona.

2.) House of Cards.

3.) Play Your Cards Right.

4.) Kyler on the Loose.

5.) Cards Trick.

6.) Shuffle the Cards.

7.) The Cards Are Stacked Against Them.

8.) Cards vs. Humanity.

9.) The Cardinals Rule.

10.) Fitz of Passion.

11.) Johnson Motors.

12.) The Murray see ya, the more we like ya.


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Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names

Kyler Instincts.

Cold-blooded Kyler.

Murray State of Affairs.

Kyler B’s.

Kyler Whale.

The Murray see ya, the more we like ya.

Hurray for Murray!

Kyler Elite.

Kyler Workout.

Giant Kyler.

Kyler on the Loose.

The Not Bill Murray’s.

Kyler Party.

Larry Fitzgerald

The Daily Fitz-Herald.

Hail Larry.

The Hissy Fitz.

Giving Opponents Fitz.

Kibbles ‘N Fitz.

Puttin on the Fitz.

Fitz and the Touchdowns.

Fitz Like a Glove.

Giving Defenses Fitz.

Larry Fitzgerald Highlights Video

David Johnson Monikers

Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson Controls.

Mr. DJ.

Johnson Waxes Opponents.

Johnson Motors.

Cardinals Fantasy Football Names

Inglorious Bradfords.

How the Cards Fall.

Chronicles of Reddick.

The Gandy Man Can.

Rice And Beanies.

Kolbed in the Back.

The Motte Man Prophecy.

Iupati be Kidding Me.

Peach Kolbler.

Pop, Lock, And Docket.

Fitzgerald Broflovski.


A Heap of Defense.

Beanie with Rice and Brees.

My Hognson is Better Than Yours.

Blame Gabbert.

Honey Baddger Don’t Care.

J.J.’s Jet Planes.

How To Select a Good Team Name Video

Good and Creative Nicknames

Brice Butler Did It.

Breaking the Seals.

Dawson’s Creek.

Corn on the Kolb.

Inglorious Bradford’s.

Breaking Bradford.

Sweaty Palmers.

Unbreakable Goldy Schmidt.

Money Baggers.

I Dream of Beanie.

Ducks on Goldie’s Pond.

Better Call Paul (Goldy).

Christian Kirk’s Cousin.

Bethea-page Black.

Bene the Jet Rodriguez.

Greshem’s Pen.

Fitzgerald Broflovski.

Jack and the BeanieStalk.

BradFORD’s Escort.

Guns n’ Rosens. (For old time’s sake)

FRosen Foods.

Cardinals Top Fantasy Players

Kyler Murray, QB

Larry Fitzgerald, WR

David Johnson, RB

Chad Williams, WR

Christian Kirk, WR

Ricky Seals-Jones, TE

Arizona Cardinals Trivia

Q: In what year was the Arizona Cardinals’ first season?
A: The team played its inaugural season in 1920 as the Chicago Cardinals.

Q: When was the Cardinals first winning season?
A: The team finished the 1922 season with an 8-3 record.

Q: What was Jim Hart’s jersey number with the 49ers?
A: #17

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: Five – Larry Wilson #8, Pat Tillman #40, Stan Mauldin #77, J.V. Cain #88 and Marshall Goldberg #99.


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