49ers Fantasy Football Names

Here’s your stop for good, San Francisco 49ers fantasy football names to add some shine to your squad.

Head coach Kyle Shannahan is building his team around a young nucleus that includes Jimmy Garoppolo. The young quarterback looks to build on his promising start and make a mark in the NFC West Division. Take a look at these fantasy player and team names, and add the power of the Gold Rush to your team this season.

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names

4th and 9ers

Gold Rush

How Deebo Your Love?

The Streets of San Francisco

The 49vengers

Karl’s Team

I Left My Defense in San Francisco


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Coach Kyle Shanahan Fantasy Names


Ya Gotta Hand It To Shanahan

Shanagram Stories

Shanny and Hyde

Sha Na Naw

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Jimmy Garoppolo Selections

Garoppolypse Now

The Garoppolos Islands

Marco Garoppolo

GQ Jimmy

Ain’t Nothin’ But a Jimmy G Thing

Jimmy G’s Dating Service

Garoppolypse Now

Jimmy Geesus

El Garopollo Loco

How To Select a Good Team Name Video

49ers Fantasy Football Names

Widespread DeForestation

Dr. Jekyll & Carlos Hyde

American Hoyer Stories

Bush Wackers

The Singletarians

Muppets Take Manningham

In-GOREious Basterds

Aldon Smith’s Driving School

Shut the Frank Gore


Boldins No Reservations

You emBoldin Me

Al Kaepone

I’d Kaep That

Kaep’n Crunch

Kaepernick Swag

Kaepital Punishment

You Huard Me Rght

All Done Smith

Ginn and Tonic

A Partridge in a Crabtree

Hyde-Drew Fleener

The Boldin The Beautiful

Kaeptain Save a Hoe

Back that Asomugha Up

Iupati Like It’s 1999

Big P-Willie Style

Watt U Talkin Bout Willis

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Hall of Fame Names

Vernon Equinox

Aldon’s the Bomb


Tank and Bake

Reid the Route

Kaep Guns

You See Davis

Hyde Yo Kidz, Hyde Yo Wife

Kaeptain America

Kaeper the Friendly Ghost!

Aldonholics Anonymous

Crabtrees Shack

When it Waynes it Gores!

Diamonds Are Gorever

Singletary Can’t Do It, Won’t do it

Harbaugh’s Comeback

Colin All Cars

Make it happen, Kaeptain

Vernon Down Da House

Rated R for Gore

Solomon Buries on Sunday

Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er

Free Dolphins Kaep

Jaquiski ’n Hyde

The Good, Clever and Creative

Big Gores Don’t Cry

4th and Gore

Gore More Years

There’s Gore in Dem Hills

One Crabtree Hill

Harbroseph Montana

Kendall the Bounty Hunter

Salary Kaep This!

Darian Roach

I’m Aldon Drinkin

Harbaugh’s Handshake

Glace Bay 40 Miners

Make it Gorey

Mac “Kaep” Daddy

Iupati Trained

Iupati Like It’s Your Birthday

Gould Rush

Ellington Coat Factory

Sherman Tank

Sherman’s March To Atlanta

A Marquise Player

49ers Top Fantasy Players

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB

Jordan Matthews, WR

Marquise Goodwin, WR

Tevin Coleman, RB

Matt Breida, RB

George Kittle, TE

San Francisco 49ers Trivia

Q: In what year was the San Francisco 49ers the first season?
A: The team played its inaugural season in 1946.

Q: When was the 49er’s first Super Bowl appearance?
A: The team beat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 in Super Bowl XVI in 1982.

Q: What was Steve Young’s jersey number with the 49ers?
A: #8

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: Twelve – Steve Young #8, John Brodie #12, Joe Montana #16, Joe Perry #34, Jimmy Johnson #37, Hugh McElhenny #39, Ronnie Lott #42, Charlie Krueger #70, Leo Nomellini #73, Bob St. Clair #79, Jerry Rice #80, and Dwight Clark #87.


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