39 Clever Fantasy Football Names Ok With Mom

“Call Me Brady,” “The Touchdown Factory,” and “The Brees Knees” are just a few clever fantasy football names you might encounter in your league.

Why the fascination with naming fantasy football teams?

Whereas the winners of your fantasy league are typically hardcore fans who have spent considerable time poring over stats and projections, the folks who come up with great team names put their creativity on display. They show their wit and have some fun with it – playing FF the way it’s suppose to be played. The real serious fans might walk away with your league’s championship and most of the money, but the owners with great team names walk away with an outpouring of respect. A good squad nickname is a reflection of your own personal brand. Win or lose, if you have a funny selection, folks will compliment your choice and think better of you – well, maybe.

A lot of league competition takes place amongst work colleagues. Your choice for your team name probably isn’t the best arena to test whether your new VP likes a little vulgarity. With that in mind, here’s are some good options that will pass the work censors and receive the stamp of approval by your mother.

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Mom Approved Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Easy Breesy – Here’s another option for you with a little more risk: “Breesus, King of the Drews.”
  2. Marshawn of the Dead
  3. Dak to the Future
  4. I Gotta Thielen – Everyone is hoping Adam Thielen has a long, productive NFL career for NFL fantasy names sakes – the “feeling” play of words on his last name provides some solid options. Here’s another: “Hooked on a Thielen.”
  5. Darth Raider
  6. All I Do is Winston
  7. Luck Dynasty – Short and sweet. Hopefully, Andrew Luck will bounce back quickly from his shoulder injury.
  8. Hotel Odell Holiday Inn – Sure, the “Rapper’s Delight” reference here will likely be lost on Mom, but nothing offensive here and your team has a built-in theme song.
  9. Mariota Kart
  10. Robo Cobb
  11. The Brady Bunch – A TV show reference that Mom will know combined with an NFL player she’ll know – perfect.
  12. Hurns Notice
  13. Tate is Enough
  14. Upper Deckers
  15. Stairway to Evans – Love this one!

Good Fantasy Names for the Office

  1. Diggs in a Blanket
  2. Honeybaked Beckham
  3. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Cam
  4. The Jolly Rodgers – Great logo possibilities with this one. Others to consider: Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and Aaroning it Out.
  5. Flacco Seagulls – An all-time classic.
  6. Cry me a Rivers – I’ll have a hard time calling Philip Rivers a Los Angeles Charger for some time.
  7. The Tannehills Have Eyes
  8. Ingram Toenails
  9. Games of Jones – Julio Jones plus hottest TV Show = Fantasy naming magic!
  10. Brady Gaga
  11. Clam Crowder
  12. Scoreless in Seattle
  13. Every Day I’m RussellingRussell Wilson on Twitter – Also, check out Russell Wilson’s commencement address at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Wise beyond his years.
  14. Sanu Jack City
  15. InstaGraham
  16. Cam WOW!
  17. Inglorious Bradfords
  18. Hyde and Zeke – You’ll want to draft Carlos Hyde and Ezekiel Elliott to pull this one off.
  19. The Abusement Park
  20. The Backfield and McCoys
  21. Highway to Bell – When Le’Veon has the ball, it seems like the highway is downhill.
  22. Jordy is the New Jirdy
  23. One Tyreek Hill
  24. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia – Brilliant!

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