Creative Team Names

Our creative team names provide a source for sports teams, activity groups, and business organizations to find some clever monikers. Review the lists below and if there’s nothing you like, check out our other pages on names.

Clever Team Names for Sports Teams

Bottom of the Depth Chart.

That’s so Ravenclaw.

All Swedish, No Finnish.

Mr. Irrelevants.

Third Degree Burn.

Miracle Whipped.

Tony’s Tigers.

Cool Name Pending.

We Match.

Ball Hogz.

After School Specials.


Ball of Duty.

Bye Week.


The Kickin’ Chickens.

The Untouchables.

Fire Breathing Bluebirds.

Tequila Mockingbirds.

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We’re too old for this.

Weekend Warriors.

The Cranium Crushers Cruise.

Last Picks.

Spinal Tappers.

Llamas Pajamas.

Awkward Turtles.

Melba Toast.

Night Train Riders.

The Superlatives.

The Bomb Squad.


Disco Ninjas.

Cheeseheads for Peace.

It’s not just a team, it’s a lifestyle.

Shake it up.


The Mullet Mafia.

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creative team names imageCreative Team Names

Matching T-shirts.

The Grass Stains.

Saved by the Ball.

Gym Class Heroes.

Caveman Lawyers.

The Hurt Locker Room.


Bye week.

No game scheduled.


Attack of the Killer Daisies.

Orange Dots.

Hat Trick Swayze.

Paper or Plastic?

A League of Our Own.

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Best Creative Team Names imageFor Work

Funny Fliers.

Software Comedians.

The Brainy Fools.

Plugs for a Penny.

Dynamic Developers.

Cubicle Comics.

The Kiss-Ups.

Must-Have Caffeine.

Black Ice Blazers.

Deep Bench.

Fans of the Boss- Comic Fanatics.

Worthless Without Coffee.

The Brainiacs.


The Right Writers.

Hold the Mayo.

More Group Nicknames For Work.


  • Sultans of Swing.
  • Velvet Elvis.

Hoops I did it again.

Dessert Storm. (not Desert)

Sole Survivors.

The Cow Tippers.

Moose Crossing.

Gym, Tan, Laundry.

The person who comes up with our team names is out of town.

Dream Killers.

Bob Uecker’s Fan Club.

Dazed and Confused.

We overslept.

99 Problems but ____ ain’t one.

The New Crew.

The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers.

Atomic Bimbos.

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Girls/Women Team Names

Dolls With Balls.


Fly Girls.

Pony Tails.

Red Hots.

Marvelous Mermaids.


Disco Divas.

Electric Currents.

Howling Hyenas.

Pink Ladies.

Charming Chicks.

Lovable Ladies.

Poison Ivy.

Chicks with Sticks.

Mavens of Mayhems.

Hot Flash.

Lemon Drops.

We wear pink, but we don’t stink.

The Powerpuff Girls.

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Clever wifi names button image

Funny Business

Who’s the Boss?

Mr. Manager and the Rainmakers.

Business as Unusual.

Appetite for Analytics.

Compensation Nation.

Tax-manian Devils.

Fly like a Beagle.

Bossy Pants.

Labor Force of Nature.

Deficit Demolition Team.

Overnight Sensations.

Miracle Workers.

Road Warriors.

The Data Dirt Devils.

Marketing Maniacs.

Mr. Big Stuff and Staff.

Barely Managing.

Sultans of Sales.

Follow the Leader.


If you have any other suggestions for creative team names, please let us know via the contact page. Thanks!

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