117+ Cool User Name Ideas

Why a page devoted to cool user name ideas? Well, when registering on a website, most people create a user name that is just their name and maybe a number. It’s not very inventive and perhaps a little lazy.

We’ve assembled a list of user names to help you come up with something clever. Something that says, “hey I’m special and unique.” Make up a user name that reflects you. A name that is memorable, entertaining, and fun. You don’t want to use a name that is offensive or hateful, but a name that is appropriate for its use.

And, by all means, pick something that’s unforgettable. 

Ten Best User Names

1.) not_your_favorite_mouse – This name immediately conjures up “that mouse.” But if you read into it a little bit, it’s also kind of mysterious.

2.) the_up_and_comer – It’s simple and direct and tells people you mean business and you’re on the fast track to the top.

3.) better_with_bacon – Well, everyone knows everything is better with bacon. So, this means that you’re good, but even better with bacon.

4.) needs_therapy – Again, this is a user name that can mean many different things. Why do you need therapy and what kind of therapy do you need? Tricky.

5.) the_big_kahuna – This really says it all and tells people that the real ruler is in the room. This name was made popular by surfers, so “surf’s up.”

6.) make_mine_al dente – Perfect for a cook. This user name may make some people hungry, but more than likely, they’ll know you’re spot on.

7.) conan_the_employer – Okay it’s funny and strong and what if you are an employer? Even better. This would also be a great video game user name.

8.) i_am_with_cupid – A play on the whole I’m With Stupid T-shirts. This one is cute and could be used on a dating site.

9.) still_uploading – This makes people think, hey wait a minute, what is your user name. If it is still uploading, what could it be?

10.) i_shot_the_sheriff – A tough name and nice reggae reference. Bob Marley fans will like this user name.


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Cool User Names for Video Games

11.) zero_tolerance – And I mean zero.

12.) tank_terrors – Sort of like night sweats.

13.) gang_stirs – Intended to stir up trouble.

14.) watch_your_backs

15.) mercy_is_for_wimps

16.) major_problems – Probably a relative of Major Mistake.

17.) fast_as_lightning

18.) revenge_of_satan

19.) uber_undertakers – A little double entendre here.

20.) just_for_laughs – Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

21.) bubba_bangers

Creative Monikers

22.) band_of_busters – Not Band of Brothers, but just as committed to fighting.

23.) pure_evil – 100% pure and nasty.

24.) licensed_to_thrill

25.) silent_and_deadly – No we aren’t talking about a bodily function.

26.) furious_and_fast

27.) the_wrong_crowd – The right crowd gone wrong.

28.) sons_of_infamy

29.) bombay_zombies

30.) bad_to_the_bone – That’s right, that’s what I’m talking about.

31.) karma_killers

32.) pretty_paradox – If looks could kill this user name would be licensed to.

33.) slice_and_dice

34.) i_am_the_terrible – Forget Ivan, I’m the one you have to worry about.

35.) a_lot_frightening – Because they were Kung Fu fighting.

36.) havoc_from_hell

37.) bus_throwers – Not just under, but over the bus too.

38.) just_plain_mad

39.) cobra_king – I’m not sure, but this may have been a G.I. Joe name.

40.) running_with_the_bulls

41.) natural_born_player – Yep, born to fight and run.

42.) rebel_resistance

43.) crazed_and_confused – Not quite dazed, but close.

44.) tough_times – Ain’t we lucky we got ‘em…tough times?

45.) slippery_when_wet

46.) crazy_cowboy – This guy once knocked out a horse.

Funny User Name Meme


Funny and cool user name meme

Good User Names for Social Media and Instagram 

47.) all_show_no_dough – Kind of the story of my life.

48.) best_user_name_ever

49.) tiny_pink_elephants

50.) whistle_blower – A very timely user name, would work well in Washington D.C.

51.) zombie_vegetable – I don’t know, like a deranged carrot.

52.) hey_knucklehead

53.) simply_overwhelmed – Happens on an almost daily basis.

54.) smooth_and_silky

55.) lost_send_help – All of us know the emptiness of this feeling.

56.) slight_hypochondriac

57.) don’t_look_now – Wait a minute, you looked!

58.) william_the_conjurer — With apologies to William the Conqueror.

59.) tweetaholic

60.) addicted_to_instagram – Aren’t we all? I have to go check my account now.

61.) my_other_name_is_a_cadilac

62.) moonlight_makes_me_mad – A play on the whole werewolf thing.

63.) tax_collector

64.) bozo_the_frown – I don’t know why, but this user name makes me smile.

65.) all_up_in_here

66.) already_down_the_drain – It’s too late for me, save yourself.

67.) missed_the_boat

68.) pocus_hoaxus – You might have to think about this one for a while.

69.) totally_neurotic – What was that? What was that?

Clever User Names for Posting Comments

70.) dragon_trainer – It takes real guts to ask a dragon to do anything.

71.) half_baked

72.) this_is_a_test – In the even of an emergency, you will be asked to get a new user name.

73.) go_away

74.) been_there

75.) unfinished_business – The name says it all.

76.) master_blaster – I know, hard to believe I’m Master of anything.

77.) better_than_everyone

78.) tin_foil_fail – We’ve all seen that guy on the street in the tin foil hat.

79.) laugh_it_up – We all deserve a good laugh.

80.) for_the_birds

81.) nora_the_emplorer – Her cousin is cora_the_controller.

Real Cool User Name Ideas

82.) not_my_user_name – In case you want to remain anonymous.

83.) my_secret_name_is – Can you keep a secret? My secret name is secret.

84.) i_am_hulk

85.) smoking_gun – It all leads back to this.

86.) pixel_popper

87.) not_the_godfather – But close.

88.) grammar_guardian – Obsessed with correct punctuation.

89.) rambo_is_my_cousin

Cute User Names

90.) please_say_yes

91.) i_am_not_creepy – Yeah, sure and Nixon’s not a crook.

92.) secretly_a_model

93.) simply_awesome – Enough said, a terrific user name.

94.) not_that_handsome

95.) come_on_google_me – I dare you; you never know what you’ll find out.

96.) not_your_average_bear – Does anyone remember Yogi?

97.) new_status

98.) in_reality_stunning – This could be real, or a real let down.

99.) fake_name

100.) running_for_president – Wait, aren’t we all running?

101.) just_completely_confused

102.) on_the_rocks – Or as James Bond would say, “shaken, not stirred.”

103.) like_my_lipstick

104.) i_am_behind_you – No, that’s not creepy at all.

105.) my_eyes_are_on_you

106.) cuddle_bug – Aww, that is really cute.

107.) i_am_ur_budha

108.) trapped_in_a_hug

109.) allergic_to_mirrors – This could be a problem.

110.) finish_my_sentence

111.) snake_charmer – I can think of better things to charm.

112.) puppy_pleaser

113.) heir_to_the_throne – Oh yeah, I played the game.

114.) too_sexy_for_my_shirt

115.) my_genie_wish – If you could have just one wish, what would it be?

116.) cowgirl_courage

117.) easy_to_hug – Definitely a very good quality.

NOTE: Do you have any cool user name ideas suggestions. Let us know via the contact page.

Awesome User Names

118.) just_relaxing

119.) sir_laugh_a_lot – This is Sir Mix A Lot’s funny cousin.

120.) heavy_metal_master

121.) federal_impress – Could be an oxymoron.

122.) my_evil_twin – I’ve been trying to avoid him/her my whole life.

123.) not_a_therapist

124.) smelly_bells – Not quite sure what this user name means.

125.) one_stop_shop

User Name Selection Ideas

Often, your user name is the first impression of you on a website. If you discover that the user name you want is already taken, you can make a slight fix by adding an adjective like love_my_music you could change to love_my_jazzy_music.

Or adding a number buh_buh_bye changes to buh_buh_bye_666. If you suspect that your employer might see your name, keep it professional.

Importantly, use your user name wisely and it will be good for you. Think long and hard about your user name and pick one that fits you. Have fun using it and enjoy the reactions that it elicits. For instance, if you want to hide behind your user name so people don’t know it’s you, pick a name that’s opposite. A name that no one would believe was you. But be careful, don’t use the name to be mean or hurtful. It’s always best to pick a user name that brings a smile or laugh, you can’t go wrong with that.

— Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie has worked on and created toy and game names like Rap Master Microphone, Street Beats Jam Van, Dueling Dice, Firebrand, Bad Eggz Bunch, Trivia Bingo, and The Act Like A Dog Game. He is responsible for naming characters like Wes Champion, Anne Fisher-King, Dr. Jennings Hyde, and Jean Splicer for a children’s’ cartoon program named Firebrand.

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