Group Names for Girls

Good group names for girls can serve as a way to rally the troops. A catchy team name can go a long way toward creating an identity and cementing the relationships of a group of girls.

A fun team name that fits the group’s personality can generate excitement and a feeling of camaraderie. It also paints a picture to foes and opponents that this group is not to be messed with.

Best Group Names For Girls

These groups of girls are on a mission. They are over achievers who are tough, fun, and out for the win!

* The Ginsburg Girls
Named after the notorious Supreme Court Justice.

* The Killer Bees
Who’s not afraid of killer bees? You’ll have the other groups buzzing.

*Cupcake Crushers
Don’t mess with us.

* Dragons Breath
These girls are fire breathers.

* Bringing the Heat
Watch out, we’re hot!

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Good Group Names for Girls

The Lady Ga Ga’s
Need I say more?

* Tough as Males
A powerful twist on a old saying.

* Pink Power
Bow down to the power of pink.

* Women Warriors
Warriors come out to play…Ring a bell?

* Shoot for the Stars
Sheer star power.

* The Flaming Females
Too hot to stop.

* Women Wildcats
The claws are out.

* No Boys Allowed
Self explanatory.

* Slick Sisters
One for All, and all for one.

* The Girl Gang
The Spice Girls would approve.

* Too Hot to Handle
Oh yeah, we sizzle.

* Not Your Kid Sisters
We’ve got fight.

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Cute Group Names

Sometimes girls get tired of being called cute, but a cute team name can be a rallying point to motivate girls to do their best. Here are some cute team names.

* Flower Power
Who says blooms can’t be tough?

* Lucky Charms
Disarmingly Charming.

* Call the Dolls
Up for anything.

* Bees the Best
Not too sweet.

* Cute not Cuddly
The not-so-sublte message: Don’t mess with us!

* Lil’ Long Shots
Watch out, we’ve got a shot.

* Rainbow Rangers
Color Power!

* Aqua Women
Great for a Swim Team.

* Pretty Pink Pack
Don’t underestimate us.

* Gangster Girls
A group with attitude.

* Naughty Not Nice
Watch out for us.

* All Girl Avalanche
A great Ski Team name.

* Cool Cuties
A force to reckon with.

* The Deadly Divas
Don’t get too close

* Hard Knocks
Life ain’t easy – nor, is playing us.

* Crazy Cookies
We’re not Girl Scouts.

* Fans of Females
Girls are great.

* Flame Outs
The fire burns in them.

* The Hip Hops
Another good Dance Team name.

* Funky Females
Winning to the beat.

* Volley Llamas
Holy smokes, this would make a great volleyball team name.

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Naming Ideas

When you are selecting a team name, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Try to identify what your team represents and the image you would like to portray.

You need different kinds of names for different areas like, Sports, S.T.E.M. groups, Debate Clubs, Bands, Theater Groups, Dance Clubs, and more. Be creative and find a name that speaks about your team.

Creative Choices for Girls Teams

Creative Names take a little thought to really catch their meaning, but a clever name can show that a team has worked hard to come up with something that represents them.

* Stinger Sisters
They’re out to get you.

* Combat Cow Girls

* Direct Current
Straight at you.

* Flying Females
Soaring to new heights.

* Hoop Shooters
Perfect for a B-Ball Team.

* Cool Kickers
Soccer Team name.

* Chicks with Kicks
Another good soccer team name.

* Chicks with Sticks
Hello lacrosse and hockey teams.

* Pony Power
Not my pretty pony.

* Hoop Hotties
B-Ball again.

* Soul Sisters
We’re all in.

* Poison in Pink
Deadly – not exactly pretty in pink.

* Run for Fun
Track team or cross country.

* The Chat Pack
Possibly a Debate or Trivia Team.

* Drop the Mikes
A good Band name.

* Marvelous Mermaids
Good Swim Team name.

* Score Sisters
Out to win.

Cool Group Names

These names present girl teams in a way that highlights just how cool girl power is. A cool name makes team members feel cool and could even improve performance.

* Wild Fires
Stay away; do not try this at home.

* Blue Skies
The sky’s the limit.

* Dream Divas
Talk to the hand.

* Dooms Day Dolls
We’re not toyin’ around.

* Flash in the Pants
Track Team name.

* Don’t Ask
No autographs please.

* Show No Fear
Eye staring contest.

* Momma Bears
No one is more protective.

* Jumpin’ Jaguars
Dance or Trampoline Team.

* Back Away
No paparazzi allowed.

* Drop Dead Divas
Where are our dressing rooms?

* Vengeance
Out for revenge.

* Hornet Hotties
A sting is in your future.

* High Heel Heroes
Don’t underestimate us.

Clever Theme Group Naming Ideas

Girl Teams can have themed names like Movies, TV Shows, Food Themes, Space Themes, and more. Whatever seems to fit your group is fair game (no pun intended) there are no rules.

* Golden Girls
For an older female team.

* Hawaii 5-0 Hotties
Paints a good picture.

* The Gilmore Gang
A tribute. Who doesn’t like a little play on words?

* Charlie’s Chicks
We’re no angels.

* Hermione’s Heroes
A Harry Potter homage.

* Grease Girls
Perfect for a girl Racing Team.

* Fast and the Female
Ideal Track Team name.

* Earth Orbits
To the moon.

* Star Birds
We have no limits.

* Gemini Girls
Ready to blast off.

* Chicks that Cook
Competition Baking Team.

* Pepper Power
An alliteration screaming that we’re hot.

* Girls That Grill
A female BBQ Team.

* Lean Mean Mamas
Run away while you can.

* Chop Stick Chicks
Could be a Hockey Team.

Funny Group Names for Girls

A funny group name has to walk a fine line between having fun and still being taken seriously. But a funny name can also shine a bright light on a team and highlight their accomplishments.

* The Pony Tail Posse
Softball team possibilities.

* Sisters of the Hood
Tough and funny.

* Eye Candies
Watch out for them.

* Aunts in Sweat Pants
Older female Team.

* Girls in Pearls
Who says a team can’t be well dressed?

* Fire on Ice
Girls Hockey Team. Hello GOT fans.

* Footloose Females
A good dance Team name.

* Get ‘Em Girls
Better watch out!

* Stick Sisters
Another girls Hockey Team.

* Mad Mavens
Definitely trouble makers.

* Lucky Ladies
Skill and luck, a good combo.

* Purple Power
Not just for Prince.

* Mischief Makers
Don’t look away on this bunch.

* Trouble Makers
For creative endeavors.

* Rock n’ Rolls
Maybe for a female Roller Derby Team

–Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie is a Copywriter and Creative Director. He spent many years writing funny greeting cards, coffee mugs, and toilet paper for Recycled Paper Products. In addition, he created the box copy for novelty gifts including the Jesse Ventura Action Figures.


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