Fortnite Names: Cool, Funny, Good

Fortnite is a third person shooter gaming phenomenon created by Epic Games and available for a wide range of game consoles. It has spawned everything from family game nights to large scale tournaments. Fortnite Battle Royale can host up to 100 players who are all trying to be the sole survivor and winner.

Coming up with a cool moniker gives you some street cred and sets you apart from all the other players. Below is our collection of cool and funny Fortnite names.

Review, select favorites, edit down to your best, and commit.

Best Fortnite Names – Expert Panel Selections

While we encourage you to check out the entire list, if you’re in a hurry, here are some top picks.

1.) Crackshot

2.) Too Old For This

3.) Cloaked Shadow

4.) Third Degree Burn

5.) Battle Hound

6.) Ghost Rider

7.) Skull Trooper

8.) The Untouchable

9.) Disco Ninja

10.) LeBron’s Housesitter

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Cool Fortnite Names

Having a cool, intimidating Fortnite Game Tag is a key to making your opponents think twice about taking you on in combat.

It’s important to have a cool username to portray your individual Fortnite personality. Here are some fun options. See if you can find one that fits you:


Cartoon Savage


W-Key Warrior

Chilled Ninja

Sweltering Sweats

Ghostly Stryker



Scar Maker

Soul Sniper

Dark Hipster

Little Miss Misery


Kute Killer

Fatal Mistake

Final Carnage


Dark Destroyer

Spy N’ Die

Queen of Snipe

Have GUN will KILL

Invisible Shooter

Muffin Maniac


Evil Unicorn

Acid Blood


Zombie Soldier

Walking Undead

Voodoo Vixen

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Funny Fortnite Names

Fortnite is a fun game, so you may want a funny username that reflects your own humorous approach to the game. A funny game tag can do two things, it can put your opponents off guard, and it can be a unique source of identity for your character.

If you have a funny name like Loopy Lurker, your competitor might be laughing out loud while you’ve quickly dispatched him/her from the game. Laugh that off. From our vast library of Fortnite usernames, here are some that might amuse you:


Calamity Pain


Panda Assassin


Cheat Master

Skirtz Chaser

Big Meat Eater

Joke Boi

Pick Me

Brave Fart

Tfue or FLSE

Onion Breath

Village Idiot

bAd bOt

Hans Polo




Pissed Pistol



Slap N’ Tickle

Heat Sneaker


Not Wearing Pants

Hokie Pokie Hitman

Ninja Joker

Intentionally Fowl


Good Fortnite Names

A good, solid Fortnite username means that you’re serious about the game and ready to play with heart and soul. Good Fortnite names signal your willingness to say, “I’m here to win, are you?”

With 100 players in a Battle Royale, you want a name that will break out of the clutter, a name that is distinctive and memorable. We’ve assembled a list of good Fortnite names that you can use to discover your own Fortnite identity or combine terms for a new game tag. Take a look:

Monster of Mayhem

Shadow Sniper

Original Gangster



Pop Up Bot


Steel Nerves

ToXic VenoM

Deluxe Defender


Gorilla Gunner

Sergeant Sharp

Insane Assassin

Captain Clutch

Death Vader

Snake Charmer

Menacing Mechanic

Ghost Glider

Violent Viper


Unholy Hit Man

Simply Infamous


Throwing Shade


Vicious Villain

Deadward Dog

Nasty NOT Nice

Wicked Warlock

All 4 Pain

Venom Spewer 

Fortnite Clan Names

When you are playing Fortnite with your crew, you want a clan name that strikes fear in the hearts of your opponents or gives everyone a chuckle, or is mysterious and secretive. Or just simply says who you guys are. But make no mistake, a good clan name must leave a strong impression on the other players.

Here is a compilation of potential names for your clan. You can choose one for your squad, or use them as an inspiration to create your own:

Raging Bulls

Assassins Boys’ Club

Sneaky Snipers

Edge Livers

Cut N’ Run Crew

Stealth Killers

Power Seekers

Obscene Army

Ninja Nut Cases

Deadeye Dealers

Hit for Hires

Terrifying Tacticians

Grizzly Girlz

The Lucky Shots



Killer Klowns

Sniper Sistas

Hell’s Hit Men

The UNDERcovers

The Leggings Crew

Assassin Nation

Legendary Looter


Sniper in Diapers


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Army of Aces

The Sharp Shooters

Knight Killers

Erector Set

Raging Rangers

Operation Annihilate

Agents of EVIL 

Skin Names For Fortnite

You might buy or acquire a Fortnite Skin because they look cool, or they have controlled availability, or the skin mimics my style of character and play, or it just looks good. Whatever reason you choose, a stylish Fortnite outfit is important because there look, powers (and secret powers) could make the difference in winning a Battle Royale.

One tactic in a Battle Royale is for a battle squad to dress all in the same skin. This can be confusing to their enemies and gives the opportunity for creating decoys and ambushes. You can purchase a Fortnite skin from the Cash Shop using V-Bucks.

An expensive Fortnite Skin can cost $2000 V-Bucks, a spendy in-game purchase. But you can also earn a Fortnite Skin by advancing through different tiers of the game. In addition, there are special promotions that offer unique skins for sale at a promo price for a limited time.

Types of Skins

The types of Fortnite Skins or “Outfits” include, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common. Orange Legendary Skins have very distinct styling and themes, there loo is highly desirable.

Purple Epic Fortnite Skins cost a little less than Legendary Skins but also have unique styles and functions. Rare Skins are Blue and cost less than Epic Skins they can be adventurous and like all Fortnite Skins are available for those identifying as female or male. Uncommon Skins are Green and cost 800 V-Bucks in the Cash Store.

These skins also offer some uncommon accessories. Finally, the Common Fortnite Skins are Grey, and they are the stock skins you are automatically equipped with by the game.

Bonus: The skins described above are for the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. The Fortnite Save the World Game has Gold Mythic Skins that can be purchased.

Creative Fortnite Skin Names

Battlefield Ruler

Ice Spider

Sleepy Skeleton


Wipe Out


Goth Ranger

Dark Destroyer

Screaming Skull

F.R.E.D. (Fantasy Raider Evil Doer)


Stealth Scorpion




Rifle Man


Blue Bird



Metal Head

Fortnite Dance Names

Fortnite best dance names image

Players perform victory dances when they win a Battle Royale, favorite Fortnite dances include, The Floss Dance, Electro Shuffle, Fresh Dance, Best Mates, The Robot, and more.

Almost all of these Fortnite dances are based on dances from real life, but more and more, Fortnite is developing its own proprietary dances that players can perform when they win a game.

Here are some potential names for fun dances that Fortnite players can do in the future:

Slipped Disco

Turkey Neck

Bass Grove

Slap and Dab

Fun Drop

Shake & Bake

Flip the Bird

Slide N’ Glide

Free the Dog

Hip Hop Hula

Dance of the Dead

Hail an Uber

Call a Lyft

Under the Bridge

Dang that Bang

Head Hangin’

Bad Dream

Electric Hustle

Cattle Call

Twitching Bunny

Bad Ass Boogie

Jam It Up

Cross the Room

Ultimate Slide

Breakin’ Wind

Dancing in the Dark

Grab the Ring

Flip and Dip

The Scoop

Oops I did it Again

Brush It Off

Funky Feet

All Out Shake

Sprayer and Prayer

How to Change Your Fortnite Name

Fortnite does put a restriction on how often you can change your Fortnite username. You may only change your name once every six months.

Here’s how:

1.) Go to the Epic Games website.

2.) Click on the Account icon.

3.) Enter your account info.

4.) Click on the My Account icon.

5.) Now you can change your existing name to your new name.

6.) Scroll down and click on “Save Changes”.

7.) Exit the site.

8.) Log back into your Epic Games account and make certain your new name appears.

That should do it.

Fortnite Name Criteria and Username Versus Display Name

Epic Games does put some restrictions on usernames for Fortnite:

  • You cannot use the word Epic in your username.
  • The name can only contain letters, numbers, and spaces, no punctuation.
  • It cannot be obscene.
  • It must be a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 32 characters.
  • Case – upper or lower – does not matter.
  • Almost all font styles are supported.

The Fortnite username and display name can be different. The username is an account identifier and indicates the direct URL which can be used to visit your profile. You would use your username to get account status and information.

Your username appears on screen when you are actively playing the game. As stated above, you can change your username once every six months.

Your Fortnite Display Name

Your display name is visible to other Fortnite members when you make comments or questions in the members forum. It can be different from your username which you use to log in to your Epic Games account.

When you first create your account, the username and the display name will be the same. A member must get permission from the site administrator to change his/her display name.

We hope you will enjoy playing Fortnite for many years to come and we hope the information we’ve provided here will help you have a little more fun as you establish your persona on Fortnite. From the “Expert Marksman,” here’s saying PLAY ON!

Popularity of the Game

While the game is free to play and as many as 40 million people log on to enjoy the battle every month, just last May players made in-game purchases that totaled $318 million…in a single month! Fortnite is big business.

But even with all the shooting and killing, the fun in Fortnite is building and customizing. Outfitting your character with the latest “skin” and weapons or creating a unique and fitting name for your character or performing a memorable victory dance. And, like many competitive endeavors, your player name is important.

We hope we’ve helped you on that front. And, remember, the last one standing wins!

— Tim Moodie

Tim Moodie has spent over 30 years in the toy business as a designer, developer and inventor. During these years, he has worked on and created toy and game names like Rap Master Microphone, Street Beats Jam Van, Dueling Dice, Firebrand, Bad Eggz, Between the Covers and more. He is responsible for naming characters like Wes Champion, Anne Fisher-King, Dr. Jennings Hyde, Jean Splicer, Bob Rimkist, and more. 


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