Roller Derby Names

Roller Derby names are back in style as the sport is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Roller Derby traces its roots all the way back to the 1880’s. Back then, marathon skating competitions were held for cash prizes. These races continued into the 1920’s and 1930’s. It was during this time that the skating contests began to be called Roller Derby.

Roller Derby Names and Team Names

Roller Derby also adopted the notion of giving players and teams colorful names just like Professional Wrestlers. Players got classic names like Toughie Brasuhn, Bonnie Thunders, and Scald Eagle. These names made the players stand out and sometimes their names reflected their height, weight, or even hair color. The Teams also shared in colorful and unique names like, Salty Dolls, Tent City Terrors, and The Drop Kick Mollies.

So, we’ve put together this list of Roller Derby names for your enjoyment. Read on to see funny, far flung, and fantastic Roller Derby names.

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Best Roller Derby Names

Pain Eyre.

Smack Ops.

Skate Winslet.

Alice in Wounderland.

Sandra Day O’Clobber.

Crush Limbaugh.

Hermione Danger.

Pumpkin Smasher

Zombie Skater

Trauma Queen

Malice Maker.

O Hell No Kitty.

Big Red.

Steel Skater.

Banshee Bitch.

Chief of Skate.

Harlot O’Scara.

Ninja Roller.

Mad Splatter.

Holly Go Bite Me.

Skate Hudson.

Power Names

Naughty Nutcracker.

Deathrow Roller.

Red Hot.

Mary Choppins.

Pippi Longstompings.

Spandex Spoiler.

Black Death.

Fifty Shades of Mayhem.

Hit and Run.

Bitchy Butcher.

Hurt Roller.

Saber Skater.

Beverly Killbillies.

Tequila Shella.

Blood Drawer.

Rusty Nails.

Coco Carnaige.


Smash Skater.

One Hit Wonder.

Infernal Myrtle.

Zack Lunch.

Crazy Skates.

Big Rig.

Luna Shovegood.

Daisy Unchained.

Phunky Bitch.

A Boy Named Sue.

Gore-ticia Addams.

S Scar Go.

Audrey Deathburn.


Sweet N’ Sour.

Mad Mommy.

Strawberry Jam.

Sir Skates-A-Lot.

Max Penalty.

Badass Roller Derby Names

Dollface Smasher.

Jenny Jawbreaker.

Betty Brawllipop.

Rosie the Ruiner.

Jezebella Jammer.

Vladimir Naboobkov.

Wolf Blitzthem.

Dora the Destroyer.

Killbo Baggins.

Jersey Leshore.

Lady Macdeath.

Tackleberry Finn.

Susan B. Agony.

Artilery Clinton.

Nasty Peolosi.

Sherlock Bones.

Rudyard Crippling.

Naomi Cannibal.

Agatha Crushdie.

Sigourney Reaper.

Roller Derby Team Names From The Fifty States


Tragic City Rollers

Dixie Derby Girls


Rage City Rollergirls

Fairbanks Rollergirls


Arizona Rollergirls

Renegade Rollergirls


Fayetteville Rollergirls

Little Rock Rollergirls


Los Angeles Derby Dolls

Silicon Valley Rollergirls


Boulder County Bombers

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls


Hartford Rollergirls

Connecticut Roller Derbettes


Wilmington Rollergirls

Diamond State Derby Girls

District of Columbia

Beltway Beauties

DC Rollergirls 


Gold Coast Roller Girls

Lakeland Derby Dames


Classic City Rollergirls

Soul City Sirens


Paradise Rollergirls

Pacific Rollergirls


Treasure Valley Rollergirls

Boise Beauties


Windy City Rollergirls

Rockford Rage Roller Girls


Fort Wayne Derby Girls

Circle City Socialites


Cedar Rapids Whippers

Sioux City Roller Dames


ICT Rollergirls

Wichita Witches


Bowling Green Rollergirls

Derby City Rollergirls


Cajun Rollergirls

Big Easy Hip Whippers


Rock Coast Rollers

Rink Rashers


Charm City Rollergirls

Mason Dixon Roller Vixens


Bay City Brawlers

Boston Rollergirls


Babe City Jammers

Kalamazoo Derby Darlins


The Snowplows

Truck and Trailers


Como Derby Dames

Kansas City Roller Warriors


Team Montana

Billings Beauties


No Coast Derby Girls

Omaha Rollergirls


Famous Sin City Rollergirls

Reno Rollers

Grand Slammers

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Rollergirls

Manchester Man Eaters

New Jersey

Garden State Rollergirls

Jersey Shore Rollergirls

New Mexico

Duke City Derby Dames

Santa Fe Skaters 

New York

Queen City Rollergirls

Hellions of Troy

North Carolina

Blue Ridge Rollergirls

Cape Fear Rollergirls

North Dakota

Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls

North Dakota Roller Dames


Cincinnati Blockers

Glass City Rollers


Oklahoma Victory Dolls

Green Country Goats


Lava City Roller Dolls

Sick Town Derby Dames


Lehigh Valley Rollergirls

Dutchland Derby Rollers 

Rhode Island

Providence Snowplows

Rhode Island Rollers

South Carolina

Lowcountry Highrollers

Columbia Quad Squad

South Dakota

Sioux Falls Roller Dollz

South Dakota Derby Dames


Hard Knox Rollergirls

Chattanooga Rollergirls 


Texas Rollergirls

Dallas Derby Devils


Salt City Derby Girls

O-Town Derby Dames


Vermont Vixens

Green Mountain Rollergirls


Charlottesville Derby Dames

Rocktown Rollers


Jet City Rollergirls

Slaughter County Roller Vixens

West Virginia

Beckley Area Derby Dames

Morgantown Roller Vixens


Brew City Bruisers

Madison Rollergirls


A’Salt Creek Rollergirls

Cheyenne Cuties

Roller Derby League And Team Names From Around The World


2 x 4 Roller Derby


New Castle Roller Derby League

Brisbane City Rollers

One Love Derby Dolls

Geelong Roller Derby League


Namur Rollergirls

One Love Roller Dolls


Oil City Derby Girls

Eves of Destruction

Fog City Rollers

Renegade Derby Dames

Tri-City Roller Derby

Anchor City Rollers


Rock and Roller Queens


Copenhagen Roller Derby


Helsinki Roller Derby

Kallio Rolling Rainbow


Roller Derby Bordeaux

Nantes Derby Girls

Paris Rollergirls

Roller Derby Toulouse


Bear City Roller Derby

Ruhrpott Rollergirls

Harbor Girls Hamburg

Roller Girls of the Apocalypse

Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls


Cork City Firebirds

Dublin Roller Derby


Tokyo Roller Girls

Okinawa Roller Derby


Amsterdam Roller Derby

New Zealand

Auckland Roller Derby League

Pirate City Rollers

Dead End Derby

Hellmilton Roller Ghosts

Swamp City Roller Rats

Richter City Roller Derby

Northland Nightmares Roller Girlz


Nidaros Roller Derby


Gothenburg Roller Derby

Crime City Rollers

Stockholm Roller Derby


Bath Roller Derby Girls

Birmingham Blitz Dames

Central City Rollergirls

Brighton Rockers Roller Derby

Bristol Roller Derby

Leeds Roller Derby

Dolly Rockit Rollers

Lincolnshire Bombers

London Rockin Rollers

London Roller Derby

Manchester Roller Derby

Rainy City Roller Derby

Middlesbrough Roller Derby

Newcastle Rollergirls

Vendetta Vixens

The Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby

Nottingham Hellfire Harlots

Sheffield Steel Roller Derby

Seaside Siren Rollergirls

Royal Windsor Whiplash

Northern Ireland

Belfast City Rockets

Belfast Roller Derby


Granite City Rollergirls

Aud Reekie Roller Derby

Glasgow Roller Derby

Bay City Rollers


Tiger Bay Brawlers

Riot City Ravens

Funny Roller Derby Team Names

Yoga Goat Girlz.

Crabby Crustaceans.

Terrible Turtles.

Pearl Jammers.

Holly Rollers.

Fighting Females.

Ax Wackers.

Bruiser Babes.

Crusher Cuties.

Fighting Thongs.

Toxic Cherries.

Space Jammers.

Breakless Endangerment.

Biting Ticks.

Deer Flies.

Hot Sauce Hotties.

Skating Sea Urchins.

Knee High Sox.

Fighting Fritters.

Moon Possums.

Space Chimps.


Thunder Sharks.

Sore Losers.

The Stop, Drop, & Rollers.

Baby Cakes.

Dirty Coyotes.

Hannibal’s Cannibals.

The Blood Stains.

Thundering Herd.

The Slammin’ Jammers.

Comet Jockeys.

Chihuahua Cuties.

Howling Dogs.

Baby Chicks.

Yard Goats.

Jumbo Shrimp.

Flying Squirrels.

Fighting Chipmunks.

The Lug Nuts.

The Seedy Underbellies.

Creative Naming Ideas

Knee Scrapes.

Mangy Wolves.

Terrible Tortillas.

Block N’ Cover.

Lucha Libre Chupacabras.

Corn Shuckers.

Sod Busters.

Crippling Conch Shells.

The Fat Lips.

Block Headz.

The Undertakers.

Daisy Pushers.

Bucket Kickers.

Roller Derby Ditzy Dames.

Flim Flams.

Pack Crashers.

Grave Diggers.

Pivotal Mistake.

Block N’ Tackle.

Rolling Mosquitoes.

Blood Suckers.

Raw Eggz.

Cutthroat Pandas.

The Jelly Rolls.

Kappa Jamma Slamma.

Creepy Hitchhikers.

Purple Minions.

Whip Crackers.

Giant Slayers.

Pack Punchers.

Shock Squad.

Blockwork Orange.

Block N’ Jam.

Polly Wanna Smack Her.

Banana Slamma’s.

Lords of the Skate.

Malice in Wonderland.

Hilarious Monikers

One Hit Wonders.

Jammin’ and Rammin’.

Pumpkin Smashers.

Thunder Thorns.

Pepper Spray.

Salty Dogs.

Gate Crashers.

Derby Demons.

Blockwork Orange.

Scorched Skaters.

Hurtful Hooligans.

Wuthering Frights.


Velveteen Rabbits.

Doom Purveyors.

Grim Reaper Rollers.

Squid Squad.

Rioting Rollers.

Grimm Scarytales.

Skate Splatter.

Give ‘Em Hells.

Rushin’ Rolletes.

Crazy Eights.

Skaters That Slay.

All Jammed Up.

Down N’ Outs.

Roller Derby Team Names For Women 

Derby Divas.

Iron Maidens.

The Lady Punchers.

Girls of Fury.

Untamed Chicks.

Tell Tale Tarts.

Pucker Ups.

Thigh Masters.

Ladies of the Fight.

Sadistic Sweethearts.

Bomb Shells.

Smash Mouth Girlz.

Skates N’ Tiaras.

Beautifully Brutal.

Rosie and the Knockouts.

For Girls

Rolling Queens.

Punching Poodles.

Furrocious Cats.

Curvy Derby.

Crash Test Lovelies.

Cheetah Chicks.

Drop Kick Damsels.

The Baby Makers.

Murderous Mamas.

Wonder Women.

Hissin’ Kittens.

Honey Punchers.

The Bond Girls.

Naughty Not Nice.

Left Hook Hunnies.

Angels of Anger.

Women of Mass Destruction.


Hell’s Ballerinas.

The G.I. Janes.

Naughty Knockouts.

Girlz of Fury.

Bitchy Names

Junk in the Trunk.

Dark Divas.

Queen Bees.

Buxom Bruisers.

Beauty and Attitude.

Princesses on Wheels.

Roller Babes.

Brutal Beauties.

Pixie Dusters.

Dirty Birdies.

Vicious and Delicious.

Flashy Wheels.

Lip Smackers.

Twisted Nippers.

Girlz Rule Boys Droll.

Rocket Queens.

Gold Diggers.

Sassy Sistahs.

Wise Witches.

Murder City Kitties.

Lucky Ladies.

Heels in Wheels.

Diesel Chicks.

The Foo Foo Fighters.

Unforgiving Unicorns.

High Maintenance.

Murder Maids.

Runaway Brides.

Dream Killers.

Pink Panthers.

Femme Fatals.

Split Lip Sallies.

Platinum Divas.

Slammin’ Jammin’ Roller Babes.

Screamin’ Banshees.

Pinup Punks.


Gunner Girlz

Shooting Stars

The Flaming Pink Flamingos

Vicious Venus

Dazzling Divas

Make-up Mavens

Suicide Squad

Eye Candy Chicks

Trophy Wives

Breakneck Beauties

Ladies of Steel

Sweet and Sweaty

Crazy Daisies

Barbie Beaters

Skaterina Skulls

Hot Shots

Screaming Divas

Hussle Hussies

Cupcake Killers

Miss Fortunes

Victory Vixens

Roller Derby Team Names For Men

All Out Annihilators

Blazing Blasters

Hurricane Blades

Team Chaos

Dynamite Dudes

Mean Machine

Rough N’ Tough

Fire Starters

Bad to the Bone

The Xtreme


Tidal Waves

Lethal Jammers

Neck Breakers

Gorillas on Skates

Roller Geeks

Brew Masters


The Legacy

Outright Fear

Energy Explosion

Ghastly Gargoyles

Bashing Blockers

The Pitbulls





Blazing Knights


Wicked Werewolves

The Chosen Ones


Stone Crushers

Robin Hoods

8 Wheeled Assassins

The Hit List

The Unredeemable



Brute Force

The Professionals

The Flamethrowers

Vicious Vikings


Game Changers

Shock and Awe

The Tribe

Demolition Crew

Team Tsunami

Grave Diggers

War Lords

The Messiahs

Speed Demons

Real Roller Derby Names For Men’s Teams

Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby.

Barrow Inferno.

Austin Anarchy.

Bototos Banditos.

Brisbane City Rollers.

Capital City Hooligans.

Carolina Wrecking Balls.

Chicago Bruise Brothers.

Collision Roller Derby.

Crash Test Brummies.

Denver’s Ground Control.

Flour City Fear.

Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby.

Golden State Heat.

Granite City Brawlers.

Harm City Havoc.

Lane County Concussion.

Mad Riders Men’s Roller Derby.

Magic City Misfits.

Manneken Beasts.

Mass Maelstrom.

Mohawk Valley Quadfathers.

New Orleans Brass.

New York Shock Exchange.

Panam Squad.

Philadelphia Hooligans.

Pittsburg Blue Streaks.

Cool Names

Puget Sound Outcast.

Race City Rebels.

San Diego Aftershocks.

Southern Discomfort.

St. Louis Gatekeepers.

Super Smash Rollers.

Sydney City Smash.

Tampere Rollin’ Bros.

Texas Outlaws.

The Inhuman League.

Track Association.

Trauma Authority.

Tyne and Fear Roller Derby.

Vancouver Murder.

Varsity Derby League.

Wheels of Mayhem.

Your Mom Men’s Derby.

Classic Roller Derby Team Names From 70’s

Super Chiefs.





Red Devils.













Plaid Mafia.







Roller Derby and Professional Wrestling

It was also by the mid to late 1930’s that physical contact began to work it’s way into Roller Derby. Encouraged by the popularity of professional wrestling, Roller Derby became more and more theatrical. By 1940, More than 5 million people were watching Roller Derby in over 50 cities in the U.S. The largest number of spectators at a Roller Derby match was in 1972. Held at Cominsky Park in Chicago, 50,118 people viewed the match.

As interest in roller derby has grown in recent years, more and more bouts in cities across the country are taking place. It’s considered one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Here are a few things you might not know about playing roller derby.

Roller Derby Basics: Rules of the Game

A few things you should know about roller derby game play:

1.) Each team has five players on the rink at one time: four blockers and one jammer.

2.) All players progress around an oval rollerskating track by skating counter-clockwise.

3.) Jammers score points by overlapping opposing players on the rink.

4.) Most teams are made up of all females, but that’s not always the case. All male and junior unisex teams are beginning to grow in popularity as well.

5.) Jammers wear stars on their helmets.

6.) Bouts, or roller derby matches, have fun names too like “Night of the Rolling Dead.”

7.) Roller derby might be an Olympic sport soon.

— Tim Moodie

Truth be told, Tim Moodie has never played Roller Derby, but he spent over 30 years in the toy business as a designer, developer and inventor. He is responsible for naming characters like Wes Champion, Anne Fisher-King, Dr. Jennings Hyde, Jean Splicer, Bob Rimkist, and many more.

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