Baseball Photo Award Certificates

Baseball Photo Award Certificates combine traditional awards with modern digital technology to create a memorable keepsake. Now you can add a photo to your certificate to make it really stand out!

Your players will really value a certificate with a photo of themselves or a team, the player’s name, coach’s name, date, team name, words of praise, etc. Just fill in the black text fields to customize and add a photo from your collection. We’ve made it so easy for you to do – just follow the simple instructions on page 1 of the pdf you’ll download with purchase.

Players and parents hang these awards on bedroom walls, kitchen fridge doors, and bulletin boards.

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How it Works

20 different certificates in all provide you lots of choices. Here’s another cool thing: you can use these templates year-after-year. Calling up each player at a season-ending party to receive some applause and the certificate is how many coaches choose to use these. While others, elect to award them throughout the baseball season.

Pick a certificate you like, add a photo or logo, type in details like player’s name, team name, etc., and print.

Our new photo feature enables you to include a photo of the featured player, your team or coach. Sizing your photos to 2.75 x 3.25″ or 198 x 234 pixels works best to fit these templates.

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Baseball Photo Certificate Template Grid

Your PDF will come as a digital download. The pdf on both Macs and PCs. You just need to have Adobe Acrobat which is available free as a download, but is usually on most computers already. Pick the certificate you’d like to award, and start filling in the designated areas. Super easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get!

baseball photo certificate templates grid

Hand out a smile with these certificates. It’s a great way of boosting a player’s confidence. And, at a young age, playing with confidence is so important.

award certificate photo for baseball imagePrice: $19.99

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There are 4 options for the team certificates so that you can use a color appropriate for your team: yellow, blue, green or red.

Benefits of Photo Certificates

Create a lasting keepsake to mark a fun time in your child’s life.

Building a player’s confidence is so important not only in baseball but in all sports and endeavors.

You can personalize each certificate to a player, a coach or a team.

Great value: 20 templates for under $20 bucks.

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20 Baseball Photo Award Certificates

award certificate photo for baseball imagePrice: $19.99