Dance Certificates Templates

Dance Certificate Templates – For many young dancers, dancing is a big deal. Show them that you think it is too by awarding them a dance certificate.

A perfect gift for dance instructors, but can also be awarded to a dancer from a Mom or Dad. Choose from the six certificates, personalize, print and present. You can also do screen captures and post the visuals on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Very cool!

Dance Certificates of Achievement

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Dance Certificate Printables

You’ll receive six certificates templates:

  1. Spotlight Award Certificate.
  2. Dance Award Certificate.
  3. Achievement.
  4. Ballerina Award Certificate.
  5. Dance Team Champions Certificate.
  6. Outstanding Dancer Certificate

Beautiful enough to consider for framing, but most just post on bulletin boards, on bedroom walls of kids’ rooms or on the central communications area of most homes – the refrigerator! Wherever you post them, young dancers will surely appreciate the visual reminder of their fun times in dance practice, competition, etc.

Dance Certificate Templates for Kids and Students

With purchase, you’ll receive a link that will enable you to instantly download the PDF file featuring these 6 dance certificates. PDFs work on Macs and PCs. Just make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (which is available for free).

Type in name, date, dance instructor, and other details into the text fields. Make sure you load up a double helping on the praise. Personalize, print and present! It’s that easy.

When should you award a dance certificate? There are many options. You can award certificates to students at the end of a multi-week program. Or, you can wait until a certain accomplishment has been met, e.g. competed in a first dance competition. Certificates are great for recognition and to help build confidence. When a young dancer needs a boost, that’s a great time to award a certificate. Kids will probably enjoy a certificate after every class. It’s up to you. Heap on the praise to build confidence.

Check out one of the most popular videos on dance:  The Evolution of Dance.

Why Award Dance Class Certificates?

These dance certificates make great awards. Recognize achievement, build confidence and capture important moments with these dance award certificates. These awards will encourage kids to come back and sign up for dance again and again. Very cool!

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