Dance Quotes: Funny and Famous

Dance quotes come natural to many folks because they enjoy describing things they love to do. It is said that there are very few other things to humans which are as natural as their dancing. Philosophers for centuries have claimed that it is one of the purest and most passionate forms of expression. And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a perfectionist to dance. Anyone can dance, as long as their body is moving. As they say, it’s about expressing yourself.

Whether you are a dancer, someone inspiring to be one or want to share the spirit with a loved one or friend, this collection of dance quotes will give you a lot to think about. Enjoy!

The 13 Best Dance Quotes

  1. You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.
    William W. Purkey
  2. Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts. For it is no mere translation or abstraction of life. It is life itself.
    Henry Havelock Ellis
  3. Dance is an art that imprints on the soul.  It is with you every moment, it expresses itself in everything you do.
    Shirley MacLaine
  4. Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.
    William Stafford
  5. Dancing is the poetry of the foot.
    John Dryden
  6. Dancers are athletes of God.
    Albert Einstein
  7. A fine picture is but the image of nature; a finished ballet is nature herself.
    J.G. Noverre
  8. Dancers have a very hard job.  We must take our ugly, callused, blistered, and bruised feet and present them in a way so that they are mistaken as the most beautiful things on Earth.
  9. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.
  10. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
    Vivian Greene
  11. How can we know the dancer from the dance?
    William Butler Yeats
  12. Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.
    Ted Shawn
  13. Socrates learned to dance when he was 70 because he felt that an essential part of himself had been neglected.

Dance quotes imageYou Make me Feel Like Dancing

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Dancing: The highest intelligence in the freest body.
Isadora Duncan tweet


There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.
Edwin Denby

A star danced, and under that was I born.
William Shakespeare

To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance.
Aubrey Lynch

Dancing allows me to explore myself in so many ways, to learn about my limitations and strengths, my ability to cope with adversity and to go farther than I thought I could.  You find out what you’re made of.
Andrew Asnes

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

When in doubt, dance it out.

While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.
Hans Bos

Without dance I cannot feel my soul, hear my heart, or see my dreams.


Dance is meditation in movement, a walking into silence where every movement becomes prayer.
Bernhard Wosien

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.
Hopi Saying

Learning to walk sets you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self, the person you are.
Melissa Hayden

Classical dancing is like being a mother: if you’ve never done it, you can’t imagine how hard it is.
Harriet Cavalli

Good choreography fuses eye, ear, and mind.
Arlene Croce

I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.
e.e. cummings

Fine dancing, I believe like virtue, must be its own reward. Those who are standing by are usually thinking of something very different.
Jane Austen

We’re fools whether we dance or not; so we might as well dance.
Japanese Proverb

First comes the sweat. Then comes the beauty if you’re very lucky and have said your prayers.
George Balanchine

On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.
Lord Byron

The Universal Language

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.
Maya Angelou

Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.
Samuel Beckett

All there is to be said for work compared to dance is that the latter is so much easier.
Heywood Broun

I praise the dance, for it frees people from the heaviness of matter and binds the isolated to community. I praise the dance, which demands everything: health and a clear spirit and a buoyant soul. Dance is a transformation of space, of time, of people, who are in constant danger of becoming all brain, will, or feeling. Dancing demands a whole person, one who is firmly anchored in the center of his life, who is not obsessed by lust for people and things and the demon of isolation in his own ego. Dancing demands a freed person, one who vibrates with the equipoise of all his powers. I praise the dance. O man, learn to dance, or else the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you.

dance quotes image
Gene Kelly in “Singin’ in the Rain”

Funny Dance Quotes

Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.
H.P. Lovecraft

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
Japanese proverb

Just don’t plan to marry anyone who dislikes dancing; it’ll probably win in the end!
Kay Teague

Without dance, what’s the pointe?

Life would be better if we wore more tutus.

I think if you give in and accept society’s stereotypes, then you start thinking, ‘I cannot dance till late at night because I’m 70.’
Yoko Ono

When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the ‘Lion King’ soundtrack. It’s really odd, but it’s true.
Blake Lively

When you are on stage you are having an affair with three thousand people.
Gelsey Kirkland

I did everything he did, but backwards and in high heels.
Ginger Rogers (Of all the Dance quotes, this may be the best!)

Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health — it rusts your spirit and your hips.
Terri Guillemets

Nice men marry dancers. Real men become Dancers!


When you are fifty, you’re neither young nor old; you’re just uninteresting. When you are sixty, and still dancing, you become something of a curiosity. And boy! if you hit seventy, and can still get a foot off the ground, you’re phenomenal!
Ruth St. Denis

To sing well and to dance is to be well educated.

But oh, she dances such a way!
No sun upon an Easter-day
Is half so fine a sight
Sir John Suckling

A cathedral, a wave of a storm, a dancer’s leap, never turn out to be as high as we had hoped.
Marcel Proust

To live is to dance, to dance is to live.
Charles Schulz

Dancing is wonderful training for girls; it’s the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it.
Christopher Morley

It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.
Shanna LaFleur

Genius is another word for magic, and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable.
Margot Fonteyn

They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon.
Edward Lear

Dance the Night Away

Dancing’s just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.
Hope Floats

He who cannot dance puts the blame on the floor.
Hindu proverb

The spine is the tree of life. Respect it.
Martha Graham

Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.
Martha Graham

Inspirational Dance Quotes

You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though everybody is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.
Mandy Hale

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.
Friedrich Nietzsche

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.
Vicki Baum

Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.
Jackson Browne

If you want to be the best, baby, you’ve got to work harder than anybody else.
Sammy Davis Jr.

Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn.
Sweetpea Tyler

When a dancer comes on stage, he is not just a blank slate… Behind him he has all the decisions he has made in life… You are looking at the person he is, the person who, at this point, he cannot help but be… Exceptional dancers, in my experience, are also exceptional people… people with an attitude toward life, a kind of quest… They know who they are and they show this to you, willingly.
Mikhail Baryshnikov

Dance for yourself. If someone else understands, good. If not, no matter. Go right on doing what interests you, and do it until it stops interesting you.
Louis Horst

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.
Rabindranath Tagore

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Dirty Dancing Quotations (Movie)

It’s not on the one, it’s not the mambo. It’s a feeling; a heartbeat

Oh, come on, ladies. God wouldn’t have given you maracas if He didn’t want you to shake ’em!

Frances “Baby” Houseman: So you’re really a Rockette? I think you’re a wonderful dancer.
Penny Johnson: Yeah, well, my mother kicked me out when I was 16. I’ve been dancing ever since. It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do anyway.
Frances “Baby” Houseman: I envy you.

Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine. You gotta hold the frame.

I’m gonna do my kind of dancin’ with a great partner, who’s not only a terrific dancer; somebody who’s taught me that there are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it costs them; somebody who’s taught me about the kind of person I wanna be.

About Dance

Dance is the hidden language of the soul
Martha Graham

Dance is a little insanity that does us all a lot of good.
Edward Demby

Dance helps us dream bigger dreams and understand our connectedness.  When we close our eyes and dream, we are all brothers.
Russell Clark

We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.

God respects you when you work, but he loves you when you dance.
Common Whirling Dervish Proverb

The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.
Mata Hari

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters
Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.
W.H. Auden

Talk about dance? Dance is not something to talk about. Dance is to dance. ~Peter Saint James

And when they ask you, ‘what is your church?’ you say, ‘I dance.

Love is a lot like dancing; you just surrender to the music.
Pierce Brosnan

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Dance Team

If you stumble, make it part of the dance.
Unknown (Dance quotes frequently speak to improvisational techniques)

Dancing with the feet is one thing, Dancing with the heart is another.

Changing the world one dance at a time.

Dance first; Think later.

Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right.

On Dancing

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
Agnes de Mille

Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.
Fred Astaire

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.

Take more chances, dance more dances.

You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.
Merce Cunningham

Please send me your last pair of shoes, worn out with dancing as you mentioned in your letter, so that I might have something to press against my heart.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.
George Bernard Shaw

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.
Maya Angelou

Ballet is not technique but a way of expression that comes more closely to the inner language of man than any other.
George Borodin

Two Left Feet

Dance is music made visible. To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

To dance is to reach for a word that doesn’t exist, To sing the heartsong of a thousand generations, To feel the meaning of a moment in time.
Beth Jones

Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education; dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that one must also be able to dance with the pen?
Friedrich Nietzsche

Mikhail Baryshnikov

When a body moves, it’s the most revealing thing. Dance for me a minute, and I’ll tell you who you are.
Mikhail Baryshnikov

When a dancer comes onstage, he is not just a blank slate that the choreographer has written on. Behind him he has all the decisions he has made in life each time, he has chosen, and in what he is onstage, you see the result of those choices. You are looking at the person he is, and the person who, at this point, he cannot help but be exceptional dancers, in my experience, are also exceptional people, people with an attitude toward life, a kind of quest, and an internal quality. They know who they are, and they show this to you, willingly.
Mikhail Baryshnikov

No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.
Mikhail Baryshnikov

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.
Mikhail Baryshnikov

Rudolf Nureyev

When I miss class for one day, I know it. When I miss class for two days, my teacher knows it. And When I miss class for three days, the audience knows it.
Rudolf Nureyev

Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration.
Rudolf Nureyev

You live as long as you dance.
Rudolf Nureyev


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