Elite Basketball Award Certificate Templates

This Elite Basketball Award Certificate Templates collection features 25 designs for youth basketball – good for both boys and girls basketball teams.

Be the star of your season-ending banquet with these stylish certificates!

Complete Up To 12 Certificates in Less Than 60 Minutes

From placing the order for these certificates to filling them out and printing them, you can be done in less than one hour. Check out our ideas for basketball certificate messages to help speed up the process.

Basketball Award Certificates

You’ll receive a digital PDF file that works on Macs and PCs enabling you to type in name, team name, coach’s name, words of praise, and other details in the text fields.

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25 Certificate Designs

Cool and contemporary design to these templates. Just personalize, print and present the award to a basketball player or coach. Reward players, coaches, and even your scorekeeper.

You may choose to include a fun basketball quote or slogan on the certificate. Good coaches find ways to identify and call out the best that each player has to offer. Take an extra moment and consider what would be the best words for each award. Personalize the text from “Enter Name Here” and below.

Here’s a snapshot of what all the designs look like:

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Certificate Titles

  1. Basketball Achievement.
  2. Top Teammate.
  3. All-Universe.
  4. Top Scorer.
  5. Thank You.
  6. Best Shot Blocker.
  7. Sportsmanship.
  8. Best Scorekeeper.
  9. Best Rebounder.
  10. Prime Time Player.
  11. Best Practice Player.
  12. Perfect Passer.
  13. Participation Award.
  14. MVP.
  15. League Champions Award.
  16. Most Improved.
  17. Hustle Award.
  18. Hot Shot.
  19. Hoops Superstar Award.
  20. Dream Team.
  21. Best Defender.
  22. Champion.
  23. Assist Leader.
  24. Coach of the Year.
  25. All Star.


  • Incredibly easy to use. What you see is what you get when filling them out.. The black text fields below the title are editable so you can personalize to each player on your team.
  • They look great! Professional art director and designer Greg Johnson created designs that players and parents will be proud to display for a long time.
  • Works on Macs or PC’s.
  • Print as many as you like, year-after-year.
  • Kids love ’em!

Price: $19.99

How To Use the Templates

Use these certificate templates year after year for your personal use. They are great for season-ending banquets. Create a player keepsake that will go up on the refrigerator or bulletin board and be remembered for a long time.

The best way to provide some recognition to players is to call up each individually. Spend a minute and read out the words of praise you’ve added to each certificates. That’s a winning formula for players and their parents. Encourage parents to clap at the end of each certificate presentation.

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Some coaches might choose to use the full array of certificates and award different certificates to different players. Others choose to use the same template and just make them different with the names and words of praise.

Remember you can use these certificates year after year with team after team. Present a certificate that will put a smile on a face!

Messaging Ideas

Here are some sample message ideas:

  1. That was an impressive season! I’m so proud of the commitment you made to the team, your teammates and the game.
  2. “Teamwork makes the dream work” happens because of players like you!
  3. Your approach to practice paid off in games. You’ve improved so much!

Check out all of our basketball award message ideas.

25 Certificates

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