Football Practice Plans

Football practice plans can make the difference between an ok season and one that everyone will remember for years.

Youth Football Practice Plans

This Ebook practice plan will help you:

Instill confidence in coaches and players by working with a proven system.  Learn from a coach who has “been there and done that.” It’s like listening to words of wisdom from a head coach, a position coach, an offensive coordinator, and a defensive coordinator.

Identify the coaching concepts to address and the order to address them in – the right stuff at the right time.  Brilliant!

Generate team improvement rapidly.  The biggest winners are the players!

Save time.  You won’t have to start from scratch; just review and tweak plans as needed for your team.  Print out the plan for your upcoming practice and bring it with you to use as your guide.

Enable coaches to “live in the moment” at practices by being focused on the task at hand vs. having to worry about what to do next.

Football Practice Plans
“A proven winner…the youth football coaching bible!”

About the Author

Football Coach and Author Dave Cisar
Coach Dave Cisar in action

Coach Dave Cisar has compiled an impressive list of achievements coaching youth football throughout the years:

He has conducted over 160 coaches clinics in the US, Europe and in Latin America for Nike, Clinic of Champions and now for his own “Winning Youth Football” clinics. The bottom line, they don’t ask coaches to teach at these clinics unless they know their stuff. Dave Cisar knows his stuff.

Cisar’s teams have gone 149 & 21 since putting the system together in 2002 (Sure, if he did it with just one team, you might say his players carried him. But Cisar has done it with 8 different teams). His plans work.

His offense has averaged 35 points per game. Explosive!

Cisar’s defenses give up only 7 points per game on average. Stingy defenses win championships!


He’s pulled together this comprehensive Ebook — 286 pages in all — to share his secrets with you on how he does it. Cisar’s football coaching book is filled with over 200 diagrams and pictures as well as detailed instructions on how to build a winning program featuring the Single Wing Offense. It includes a top-down, detailed plan for excelling in all areas of the game: practice organization, offense, defense, special teams, and game-day management.  There are drills, tips, offensive schemes, defensive schemes, plays and more.

Praise for Winning Youth Football

Praise for the book

Plan endorsed by Tom Osborne
Dave Cisar and Tom Osborne

“Great instructions for teaching good fundamentals are critical for the sport of football. Dave Cisar, his book and the Screaming Eagle Organization teach proper practice methods and techniques to get the youth player properly grounded in the sport, and more importantly, to have fun while they do it.”

Tom Osborne
Former Head Coach, University of Nebraska & a Member of the College Hall of Fame.


Football Plan Templates

Cisar’s version of the Single Wing Offense is featured including football plays, youth offensive, and defensive playbook, special teams, personnel descriptions, adjustments, and blocking schemes and drills.  It also includes detailed play implementation and footwork, detailed practice plans, keys, game day play calling and scouting are all featured. You get his football schemes, packages, position descriptions, player evaluations, football drills, progressions, practice methodology, and program management.

Football Practice Drills

The playbook covers the Base Series, Wedge Series, Mouse Series, Spinner Series, Spread Jet Series, and the Burst Series. It’s everything you need to build a winning youth program including player, parent and coaching contracts, waivers, and more.

The drills and activities keep players engaged and wanting them to come back to the next practices.

Youth Football Drills

The drills and activities were developed and field-tested to teach fundamentals and knowledge. They’re age-appropriate and incorporate the latest and greatest thinking on coaching.

Cisar believes that you can compete at a very high level (even dominate), have fun and teach great fundamentals. He shows you how to do it the “Winning” way. It’s a detailed, step-by-step program that shows you how to build a competitive youth team while having fun doing it. Kids stay interested and beg for more.  They make it easy for coaches.

Winning Youth Football: A Step by Step Plan — $24.95

Football Practice Plans


An integrated playbook packed with plays that work in the sport. But much more than a playbook, the book shows you everything you need to know to make the season a success for you and your kids. Topics covered include offense, defense, special teams, blocking schemes, drills, practice methodology, game management, effective player communication, tricks, and much more.

Remember, the memories you are making for your players are ones they will stay with them forever. As the coach, you play a big role in what the memories will be: fun and successful or something else.  This system reduces the stress of coaching and makes it simple and fun.


One of the great things about this book is that it combines sound coaching philosophy advice with practical playmaking suggestions, with very detailed descriptions of the responsibilities of each player. Your team will be ready for every play.

Sample Football Practice Plan

This ebook features over 200 pictures and diagrams – including diagrams for offensive plays and defensive positions to address various offensive formations. With the diagrams and descriptions, you’ll be able to give your players specific instructions for each play.

Here’s what an offensive play looks like:

31 trap diagram

Print out selected plays and bring them to your practices. Your practice planning becomes a lot easier.  Enjoy the process more!


Football Practice Planner


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More Testimonials

More Praise for Winning Youth Football: A Step by Step Plan

“My name is Fred Miller and I am a coach for Trevian Youth Football in the Greater Chicago area. I can’t begin to express how much your system Winning Youth Football helped my team and me personally as a coach these last two years. I recently retired from a very successful 13-year career as a player in the NFL and thought my own experience was all I needed to be successful at youth football…”Wrong!” Our first season wasn’t very pretty. We lost all of our games and didn’t score one touchdown. Players and parents were so frustrated that a quarter of the team didn’t return for the next season.

After my first season, I purchased Winning Youth Football–A Step by Step Plan and what a difference it made. My team went from the “outhouse to the penthouse” in one season. With the same players, we went from a no-win season to two undefeated seasons in regular-season play. We also competed in two Chicagoland Championships and split two national championship games while retaining 95% of my players. I’m most proud of the 95% retention rate, although undefeated seasons felt pretty good too!

I believe we started winning games and retained so many players because I followed the book step by step. I swallowed some pride and allowed your system to teach me about youth football. There wasn’t a day in my second season that I didn’t refer to your book or DVDs. Thanks for helping an ex-NFL player learn a thing or two about football.”

Fred Miller


By Dave Cisar — 286 pages. All Rights Reserved.

Winning Youth Football: A Step by Step Plan — $24.95

Football Practice Plans

Benefits For Coaches

Youth coaches who are new or relatively new to the coaching ranks. Coaches soon learn that they can’t just depend on coaching what their coaches taught them.

Experienced coaches. Even if you’ve coached for a while, you’re sure to pick up some valuable coaching advice from these football practice plan – techniques and ways to adapt your approach. Cisar’s methods work.

Coaches who might have expertise but only on one side of the ball – offense or defense. If you’re an offensive-minded coach, you might have your offense pretty much in place. You’ll be able to learn still from this guide, but maybe you’ll look at it more to supplement your plans for defense. Similarly, a defensive coach might need help on the offensive front.

Coaches who have stepped away from coaching for a few years. This book will get you into the right mindset and prepare you for how to coach in the most effective way.

Coaches looking for a new approach. Maybe the past couple of years have been fun coaching, but not extremely successful. Or, maybe this is the year where you clearly have the talent to win and need that extra boost. Just reading the book will give you a shot of confidence. You need some confidence, starting at the top, to win on a regular basis.

Really, any coach that is looking to improve. There’s much to teach in very little time. This book will give you a jump start! Enjoy!

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