Russell Wilson Net Worth, Quotes, Fun Facts

The Russell Wilson net worth scenario keeps looking brighter. Fan-favorite Russell Wilson recently signed a new contract placing him at the top of the heap for highest-paid at his position. The Seattle Seahawks paid up for another four years of exciting play and leadership from this athletic superstar.

The five-time Pro Bowler ranks among the top quarterbacks in the league. He has proven his ability to lead his team to success with six playoff appearances, two Super Bowl appearances and a Lombardi Trophy under his belt. His passing consistency is reflected in his career completion rate of over 64%.

Let’s take a closer look at the Russell Wilson net worth assessment, accomplishments, quotes about him, and 43 quotes from the man himself.

Russell Wilson Net Worth Snapshot

Name: Russell Wilson

Profession: Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks

College: North Carolina State, University of Wisconsin

Estimated Net Worth: $75 to $89.5 Million

(An estimate based on a variety of sources including Forbes)

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Sources of Russell Wilson’ Wealth

Russell Wilson Salary from the Seahawks

Wilson signed a four-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks in April 2019. The deal will pay him $140 million plus an impressive $65 million signing bonus. Guaranteed money from the deal is a league-record $107 million. Wilson is now safely ensconced in Seattle through the 2023 season.

The Seahawks could not afford to let their star quarterback enter this season without a new deal in place. He was scheduled to become a free agent in 2020. The deal also includes a no-trade clause.

Endorsement Income

A bevy of corporations pay Russell Wilson to endorse their products. His universal appeal and successful career make him a highly-desired spokesperson.

He has endorsed products for many companies including Nike, Levi’s, Bose, American Family Insurance, Microsoft, Pepsi, Duracell, Braun, Alaska Airlines United Way and Larson Auto.

Business Ventures

In 2014, the Seahawks quarterback invested in the bread company Eat the Ball. He also expanded his business interests by launching his own clothing line, Good Man Brand, and entered into agreement with Juice Press to open a franchise location in Seattle. Other investment ventures include the social app TraceMe, VICIS football helmets, and Molecule mattresses.

His investment groups have interests in a new sports arena for the Seattle area and bringing a Major League Baseball franchise to Portland, Oregon.

Russell Wilson NFL Jersey Sales Rank High

The Seahawks veteran quarterback consistently ranks among the top 20 players in sales of officially-licensed NFL products and merchandise. His number 3 jersey is a fan favorite in Seattle, along with the ubiquitous number 12 jersey representing the fans (the football team’s so-called 12th man).

NFL Quarterback Salary Comparison

Russell Wilson average annual salary: $35 million

Wilson’s recent contract negotiations net him an average of $35 million per year. The new deal fixes his position as the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. Bam!

The top five highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL (average annual salary):

1.) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: $35 million

2.) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: $34 million

3.) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: $33.55 million

4.) Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles: $32 million

5.) Matt Ryan, Denver Broncos: $30 million

Russell Wilson Player Stats

Born: 11/29/1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio. So, how old is Russell Wilson? He’s 30 years old.

Throws: Right-Handed

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 215 lbs

Nicknames: The Professor, Mr. Unlimited, DangeRuss

Check out these awesome Russell Wilson fantasy football names for your next fantasy football league.

Video: Russell Wilson’s rookie breakout game against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots

Russell Wilson Background

High School

Wilson attended Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia, where he played football, baseball and basketball. In football, he was named all-district, all-region, all-state and conference player of the year. During his senior year, Wilson led the football team to a championship win.

Wilson’s College Career

Where did Russell Wilson go to college? He began his college career at North Carolina State from 2007 to 2010. He set the all-time NCAA record for consecutive pass attempts without an interception with 325.

In 2011 Wilson announced he would be transferring to Wisconsin to play quarterback for the Badgers. The team won the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game that season and played in the Rose Bowl, losing to the Oregon ducks 38-45.

Wilson’s 33 touchdowns his senior year set a single-season record for the Badgers. The achievement ranked second in Big Ten history to Drew Brees’ 39 touchdowns at Purdue in 1998.

NFL Draft

The Seattle Seahawks selected Russell Wilson in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He was the #75 overall pick that year.

Upcoming Free Agency

Russell Wilson will be eligible for free agency in 2024 (if the Seahawks decline to take the fifth year option).

NFL Highlights

Russell Wilson won the Seahawks starting quarterback position his rookie year over veterans Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson. He made his mark on the league in his first year, ranking fourth in passer rating along with 3,118 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. The team made it to the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

The 2013 season brought a Super Bowl championship to Wilson and the Seahawks. The team beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII by a score of 43-8. The next year the team returned to the big game, but this time the team would falter against the New England Patriots 28-24.

A Scrambling Man

One of Wilson’s calling cards as a quarterback is his ability to evade the grasp of defensive tacklers. Check out this short video of some of his most amazing scrambles.

Personal Life

On Twitter

Russell Wilson’s twitter account is @DangeRussWilson.

Who is Russell Wilson’s wife?

Russell Wilson is married to R&B singer Ciara. They have a daughter named Sienna. Russell is also stepfather to Ciara’s son Future Zahir.

Previously Wilson was married to Ashton Meem. They were high school sweethearts.

Who are Russell Wilson’s Mother and Father?

Russell Wilson’s father, Harrison (III), was a lawyer and his mother, Tammy, is a legal nurse consultant.

Russell Wilson’s Brothers and Sisters?

Wilson has an older brother, Harrison (IV), and a younger sister, Anna.

Quotes About Russell Wilson

Pete Carroll

1.) Russell is a unique player, a unique competitor. It’s rare the way he’s just so consistently connected to competing and battling. To keep that factor as part of the program is just a real positive for our fans and for everyone.

2.) He’ll be the first guy in the film room and he’ll be the last guy to leave the building. That’s just what he is.

3.) What has stood the test of time is his consistency. The consistency of his extraordinary commitment to being as good as he can possibly be. He’s trying to figure out at every turn how he can be a great player, and he has never wavered, he has never taken a step back from that at any time, never missed an opportunity to step up to the challenges in front of him, because he’s always on ready. It has been remarkable to see it. It has been a thrill.

4.) For a time, we were just trying to get the offense going and not screw it up and make sure he could keep growing. Well, we’re past that now.

5.) Russell Wilson has got a tremendous competitive mindset and it stems from the confidence that he feels based on the preparation that he puts in.

Mark Rodgers, Wilson’s agent

At the end of the day, my guy wants to live, work, thrive in Seattle. Loves this town and its fans. He compromised to stay here. I respect that.

Golden Tate, Former Teammate

The kid is destined to be great.

Lance Briggs

He’s got a laser for an arm.

Tom Holliday, NC State baseball coach

He was a major league baseball prospect. He was probably a football player who could maybe make football work because he was so athletic. But you could see a future in baseball.

Russell Wilson Quotes

On his positive mind set

1.) I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great.

2.) Every setback has a major comeback.

3.) I believed that I could go to the Super Bowl and win multiple Super Bowls and do all of those things. I believe that every day.

4.) My dad used to wake me up at 5:30 in the morning and hit me ground balls and tell me, ‘Don’t be afraid to excel. Don’t be afraid to be great.’

5.) Separation comes from preparation.

6.) Every game’s a championship game. When we focus that way, get prepared that way—that this is it, you know, this is the last one, the biggest one—you get ready, you get amped up, and you get that laser focus and you’re ready to play.

7.) Live with a purpose, play with a purpose.

8.) Always persevere, always have a great perspective, and always have great purpose in your life.

9.) I thought about all the people that told me I couldn’t do it and told me I couldn’t get there.

10.) Every day I wake up and that’s my goal, to be on a constant quest for knowledge and do something different, being unique and being uncommon.

Russell Wilson on success

11.) I don’t think I’ve arrived. I think I’m continuing to get there, getting closer and closer to where I want to go. But I’m not there yet.

12.) I’ve been through a lot in life, and had some ups and downs. It’s what’s led me to this day.

13.) The only person I can change is the one in the mirror.

On football

14.) I know the coaches definitely trust me and my ability to throw the football.

15.) I’ve tried to do everything possible to prepare myself and prepare our football team to be great.

16.) When I first came into the NFL, I was just trying to be super, super ready to learn the plays and all that. Now, I’ve found more balance. I think that with new life coming in, and family and everything else, balance has been critical. That goes for the social media part, too – allowing the fans to come into our world a little is cool.

17.) I had this urge to play the game of football because so many people said I couldn’t do it.

18.) I’m going to the Super Bowl again.

19.) I’ll write down little lines, I always say, ‘K.T.N.,’ and I say that to my receivers and running backs and that means ‘keep taking notes.’ That keeps me alert. That keeps me going. (And) that keeps my drive there, even when you’re taking notes on something that you’ve already taken notes on a million times – keep taking notes.

20.) My thing is, and I’ve always been this way – to get to know as many people as I possibly can on a personal level, so that way, when you get on the football field, you’ve got your buddy right beside you, and you’re ready to go.

21.) We’ll do whatever it takes to score as many points as we can-and definitely one more point than the opponent.

22.) Being a quarterback, the way I believe is there’s always so much room to improve. Any little detail. I always cut up the film and try to watch what I can improve on, whatever little detail it is.

On baseball

23.) I took a huge risk leaving baseball, because I was predicted to play in the big leagues. I’m kind of a prototypical second baseman.

24.) Since I was in high school, I wanted to play professional football and professional baseball, be a two-sport star.

On his father

25.) With my dad passing away, he’s always watching me-a big smile on his face, watching every snap on the 50-yard line.

26.) I remember my dad asking me one time, and it’s something that has always stuck with me: ‘Why not you, Russ?’ You know, why not me? Why not me in the Super Bowl? So in speaking to our football team earlier in the year, I said, ‘Why not us? Why can’t we be there?’

Russell Wilson on his height

27.) My height doesn’t define my skill set. To be a great quarterback, you have to have great leadership, great attention to detail and a relentless competitive nature – and I try to bring that on a daily basis.

28.) God’s given me so much talent, and my height doesn’t define my skill set. I believe that God has given me a right arm, and for some reason, even though I’m 5’11, to be able to make the throws and make great decisions on the field and all that.

29.) You know, I want to be the uncommon one. I think it’s pretty cool that I’m only 5’11, you know, and playing in the National Football League.

30.) Honestly, being a 5’11 quarterback, not too many people think that you can play in the National Football League. And so for me, you know, I knew that my height doesn’t define my skill set, you know? I believed in my talent. I believed in what God gave me. I believed in the knowledge that I have of the game.

Quotes on his faith

31.) I’m here today because God has brought me here. Jesus has brought me here…I’m with an amazing team. I believe He perfectly placed me in the right spot at the right time.

32.) God is good all the time. Every time.

33.) I had a dream that my dad passed away and that Jesus came into the room and he was basically knocking on my door, saying, ‘Hey, you need to find out more about me.’ So that Sunday morning I ended up going to church, and that’s when I got saved.

34.) No one can stop what God has for you.

35.) When we are at the worst times of our lives, when we are battling with something, or struggles, whatever it may be, when we are at our highest point as well, when things are going really well, we want somebody to comfort us and be there for us and to say, ‘Well done.’ That’s Jesus!

On the future

36.) I see myself being in Seattle. I love Seattle, and it’s a special place for me.

37.) In terms of professionally what I want to do, I want to play 15-plus more years, get to the Hall of Fame, and win a lot of championships and all that. I’d love to be the owner of a team one day. But it’s way bigger than that. For me, my vision is how can I affect somebody positively every day? When you focus on other people, somehow good things happen to you. I think that’s my goal. That’s my vision.

38.) I don’t think I’ve arrived. I think I’m continuing to get there, getting closer and closer to where I want to go. But I’m not there yet.

On nutrition

39.) Nutrition is huge. To eat healthy and to be able to take care of your body, and to be able to give yourself a chance to be successful and feel good on game day and throughout the week. I want to play 20 years, so for me a lot of it is taking care of your body and taking care of your mind, and staying healthy.

On his wife Ciara

40.) If you’re dating a woman that’s way out of your league, ask her to marry you.

His Commencement Speech at Madison in 2016

41.) I’m also here to share some things I’ve learned… if you’re playing New England in the Super Bowl and you’ve got 26 seconds left and you’re down by four and it’s second and goal on their one-yard line, try not to throw an interception.

42.) Here’s something I really have learned: you can’t do it alone. You’ve got to surround yourself with good people.

43.) That’s something my dad always taught me. I remember playing T-ball as a kid. Not to brag, but I was really good T-ball player. I’m talking about really good. I crushed it at T-ball. Even though I was just 3 or 4, I remember thinking, “I could be something special one day.” My dad thought I might be getting ahead of myself, so he’d set me straight. He’d say, “Son, potential just means you haven’t done it yet.”

Russell Wilson Commencement Speech Video

Russell Wilson Fun Facts

A.) Did you know Seattle’s star quarterback was drafted by two Major League baseball teams? The Baltimore Orioles selected Wilson in the 41st round of the 2007 MLB draft. He decided instead to attend NC State (and later Wisconsin). In the 2010 draft, he was taken by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round.

B.) Wilson found religion through a dream he had at the age of 14. In the dream about his father dying, Jesus approaches him and tells him to learn more about Christianity. After attending church the very next Sunday, Wilson claims “that’s when I got saved.”

C.) Believe it or not: Before he was selected by the Seahawks in the NFL Draft, Wilson threw all 32 team names into a hat and drew out one name. The team he selected? The Seattle Seahawks, of course!

D.) Wilson recently got together with trick shot video masters Dude Perfect to perform a little bit of football magic. Check it out:

Dude Perfect and Russell Wilson Video


Next Steps

This has been a look at Russell Wilson’s new contract, his endorsement deals and future earnings potential. At only 30 years old, Wilson is in the prime of his professional career and income-generating years. The future is bright for the NFL superstar.

— Greg Johnson & Mike O’Halloran

Greg, a long-time Vikings’ fan, writes about football and sports. Mike is the editor and founder of Sports Feel Good Stories and a Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs fan.

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