Yoga Certificates Templates

Yoga Certificates Templates – Yoga students, from beginners on up, and yoga instructors will love these yoga award certificates. A perfect gift for your yoga instructor who can use this class after class, year after year.

Yoga Certificates of Achievement

yoga certificates templates imageYoga Certificate Templates

You’ll receive six certificates templates:

Yoga Certificate of Completion.

I’m a Yoga Kid (Boy).

I’m a Yoga Kid (Girl).

Certificate of Participation.

Yoga Certificate of Accomplishment.

Certificate of Excellence.

Yoga certificates are great recognition for yoga practitioners when a class has been completed or a level of expertise has been reached. Award the “I’m a Yoga Kid” certificates to kids who are first introduced to yoga. With fun designs, these stylish certificates will look good on bulletin boards, in-office cubicles and on the family fridge.

For Instructors and Students

With purchase, you’ll receive a link that will enable you to instantly download the PDF file featuring these 6 yoga certificates. PDFs work on Macs and PCs. Just make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (which is available for free).

Type in name, date, the yoga instructor, and other details into the text fields. Personalize, print and present! It’s that easy.

When should you award a yoga certificate? There are many options. You can award certificates to students after a specific session. Or, you can wait until a certain accomplishment has been met, e.g. 100 hours of yoga training. Certificates are great for recognition and to help build confidence. When a yoga student needs a boost, that’s a great time to award a certificate. Kids will probably enjoy a certificate after every class. It’s up to you. There’s no need to be stingy as the cost is very minimal.

Why Yoga Certificates Templates?

These yoga certificates make great awards. Recognize achievement, build confidence and capture important moments with these yoga award certificates. These awards will help yoga practitioners continue strong in their yoga practice.


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