Juggling For Jude: 9 year-old raises $32,000 to Fight Cancer

9 year-old Hollis Belger of Larkspur, California can juggle a soccer ball. In fact, Hollis can juggle quite well. Her record for keeping the ball airborne, alternating feet with no help from the thighs, is 461 touches. Hollis improved her personal record for this feat by practicing nearly daily for 2 months in a fundraiser she organized for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Hollis’s program was called, “Juggling for Jude.”

Juggling For Jude: Hollis' soccer ball was never far from her wherever she went
Juggling For Jude: Hollis’ soccer ball was never far from her wherever she went

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a renowned research hospital that treats all kids with cancer free of charge and is on the forefront of research in hopes of curing catastrophic childhood illnesses.

Hollis, a skilled soccer player with a love for the game, was determined to raise money for the kids at St. Jude and to raise awareness of childhood cancers. She practiced almost every day thru July and August, and despite breaking a toe at dance camp, continuing to videotape her daily records and write inspiring blog posts along the way to generate awareness and drive donations.

Juggling For Jude Video

A 9 year-old raises $32,000 to fight cancer

Hollis collected money from sponsors for her juggling, and by the end of the program had raised some $32,675 for St. Jude’s – this wasn’t your typical lemonade stand fundraiser. The amazing thing about this fundraiser is that it shows the power of a single young athlete doing what she loves, for the good of kids less fortunate. The combination of  Hollis’ grit and determination, along with the community coming together to rally its support for St. Jude was nothing short of amazing.  Hollis:  job well done!

Learn more about this fundraiser, including how you can support the cause, at Juggling For Jude.


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  1. Hollis is an angel. What a beautiful example making a difference in this world!!! Congratulations Hollis!!!

  2. good job hollis! you’re a true inspiration and a role model for everyone to aspire to! You are going to go far in life.

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