105 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2014

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2014

Fantasy Football Team Names 2014 provides a list for any league owner to peruse and select a winner.


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The 3 big, must-haves for any owner in a fantasy football league are as follows:

  1. A drafting strategy – When to draft running backs? When to draft your QB? etc., etc.  Give strong consideration to that position’s point output in your scoring system and the relative strength of individual players compared to the field, e.g., the top 3 QB’s might have the potential to carry your team, but QB #4 might not be distinguishably better than QB #11.
  2. A making-adjustments-throughout-the-season strategy – How to pick up players to address injuries, weaknesses and bye weeks.  Watch games, watch the waiver wire and be opportunistic.
  3. A great name for your team.  A clever team name becomes a rallying cry.  Funny fantasy football team names set the veterans apart from the rookies.  Don’t make the first-timer mistake of coming in with a boring team name. If you’re not in the money come season end, you can take some consolation in knowing you had the best team name.  We’ve made it easy for you with this list of funny fantasy football team names.  Please read, review and mull them over.  Pick the name that fits your team’s personality, players and point-of-view.

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Fantasy Football Team Names 2014

  1. Flacco Seagulls — English new wave band meets the Ravens’ Joe Flacco
  2. Funny Fantasy Football Team NamesTouchdownalotamus — Annoy other owners by making them use 6 syllables for one word.
  3. Everyday I’m Russellin’ — Not a lot of good names incorporating Russell Wilson, but here’s one.
  4. Luck be a Brady tonight — If you draft Andrew Luck, or Luck and Brady.
  5. The Real McCoy — Shady could have another big season.
  6. No Punt Intended — A pun intended on “No pun intended” (shades of a coffee table book on coffee tables)
  7. Backfields and McCoys — Hey, wasn’t Kevin Costner in that?
  8. No Game This Week — Hoping confused FFL owners don’t submit line-ups when they see your team name.
  9. Johnny Backup — Ouch!
  10. You Kaepernick the Future — Colin might even like this one if we could only get him to take off the Beats for a response.
  11. Johnny Foosball — An early fan favorite.
  12. Final Dez-tination — Dez Bryant must be on your receiver list.
  13. Manziel in Distress — Cleveland’s line play may make this become a reality.
  14. Lombardi’s Sensei — Sensei = Japanese for instructor or teacher (usually martial arts)
  15. Insane Clowney Posse — Great logo possibilities.
  16. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  17. Teach me how to Dougie — A Doug Martin tribute.
  18. The Brady Bunch
  19. Straight Cash Homey — How Randy Moss pays his bills.  What?  He’s no longer playing.  Still a great name.
  20. Peyton the Town Red — Which is pretty much what Peyton did last year in Fantasy Football.
  21. Matty Ice and Easy — Matt Ryan = Matty Ice
  22. The Calvinists — Megatron followers
  23. Revis and Butthead
  24. DeMarco Polo — It’s fun to shout out “DeMarco” at your draft party and wait for a response.
  25. When in Romo…
  26. The Cutler Did It
  27. America’s Fantasy Team
  28. Cry me a Rivers
  29. A Dingo ate my Brady — A Seinfeld tribute to New England’s favorite son
  30. Forgetting Brandon Marshall — Seldom does one get the chance to reference the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” movie, so we had to jump on this.

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