Best Basketball Certificate Templates for Girls

25 Girls Basketball Certificate Templates will help you recognize players and coaches by providing them a cool keepsake. Personalize each certificate with player’s name, coach’s name, other details and words of praise.

Hang these stylish certificates in players’ bedrooms, bulletin boards, lockers and on the fridge!

Complete 12 Certificates In Less Than One Hour

We’ve made it easy for you to complete your team’s certificates. Check out our Youth Basketball Certificate Ideas for Messages and get a jump start on your team’s awards. Copy and paste our messages into the templates, personalize with your players’ names, print and present. Designer keepsakes ready lickety-split!

Award Certificates for Girls Basketball

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Pick and choose from the 25 awards to find the best certificate for each player. You know, some coaches might choose to give the same certificate to each team member, while others will award a different certificate for each players.

25 Designs in All

Please note for that each certificate template, the black text beginning with “Enter Name Here” can be personalized.

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Girls Basketball Certificates — $19.99

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Girls Basketball Certificate Templates Benefits

  1. Simple and easy to use. Just follow directions on the first page. All you do is type in the words you want in the text fields in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get format and then print! It’s that easy.
  2. Use year-after-year. As your daughter’s team moves on from year to year, you can use these same certificates.
  3. Stylish designs. These awards look great, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like to receive some recognition.
  4. Improve any season banquet. Call each player and assistant coach up to receive their awards. They’ll remember the moment for life!
  5. Improve players’ confidence. Nurture your players by highlighting things they’ve done well. Enhance their self esteem.

Ideas for Using These Awards

  • Consider adding a basketball quote to the award for inspiration.
  • When presenting the certificates, call up each player and coach separately and encourage players and parents to clap at the end of each presentation. What a great feeling for each player!
  • In the words of praise section, incorporate some of your team’s vocabulary, e.g., if you had a distinctive name for a play – use it, a practice drill name – put it in.

Message Examples for Certificates

  • Can’t say enough about your all around skills on offense and defense. You’re an all-star!
  • Your excellent ball handling skills and composure under pressure was exactly what we needed! You Rock!
  • Your key baskets, especially when games were on the line, made the difference in so many games!

Check out more basketball certificate message ideas.

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Girls Basketball Certificates — $19.99

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