Ping Pong Slogans, Sayings and Mottos

Ping pong slogans are a fun way to encourage an individual or team to play better. It’s great to have a team motto to rally around after an exciting point, a team win, or when venturing to an away tournament.

For inspiration, motivation, and just plain fun, check out these ping-pong slogans, mottos, phrases, and sayings. Maybe you’ll find a way to use them on a t-shirt, poster, or sign.

Best Table Tennis Slogans

1.) Forest Gump’s Instructor.

2.) Ping Pong: Let’s Bounce.

3.) It’s on like Ping Pong.

4.) Championships are won at practice.

5.) Paddle Master.

6.) Don’t be a ding dong; play ping pong!

7.) Paddle Faster: I Hear Banjos.

8.) The Spin Cycle is on High.

9.) Smash Forrest Smash.

10.) You will come to believe: the ball is always coming back.

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Cool Ping-Pong Slogans

11.) Game On.

12.) I like ping-pong and maybe two people.

13.) Victory requires payment in advance.

14.) I don’t always play table tennis, oh wait, yes I do.

15.) Ping Pong Ninja.

16.) Downright Smashing!

17.) Now serving Ping Pong.

18.) Serve me a double.

19.) Ping Pong Diplomat.

20.) Table tennis has given me soul.

21.) I don’t need therapy. I just need pong.

22.) Ding Dong! It’s time for Ping Pong!

23.) Ping Pong Until I Die.

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Catchy Sayings

24.) The easiest day was yesterday.

25.) Practice winning every day.

26.) No Mercy.

27.) Spin it to win it.

28.) Adulting can wait, let’s play pong.

29.) Table Tennis Anyone?

30.) You just got served.

31.) The road to winning is uphill.

32.) Let the paddle do the talkin’.

33.) I must break you.

34.) Smash it!

35.) Ping Pong Black Belt.

36.) Keep Calm and Ping Pong.

37.) You can’t handle my serve.

38.) Ping Pong takes balls.

39.) Spoiler Alert: You don’t win.

40.) Got Paddle?

Funny Ping Pong Sayings

41.) I beat Forrest Gump.

42.) Hustle and hit and never quit.

43.) The road to victory is uphill.

44.) Play like a Champion.

45.) We’ll make our points.

46.) Outwit beats outhit.

47.) Refuse to lose.

48.) Human Backboard.

49.) One team, one spirit.

50.) If you want a soft serve, go to Dairy Queen.

51.) Live Long – Play Pong.

52.) Return Everything.

53.) Keep Calm and Play Ping Pong.

54.) Paddle Master.

55.) The spin cycle is on high.

56.) It’s Ping Pong O’Clock.

57.) Slice, Slice, Baby.

58.) The Ping Pong Whisperer.

59.) Education is important but Ping Pong is more importanter.

60.) And, on the eighth day, God went and played table tennis.

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Good Ping Pong Slogans

61.) Ping Pong Gangsters.

62.) I taught Forrest.

63.) You just got served.

64.) Ping Pong Solves Everything.

65.) We can’t all be superstars.

66.) Ping Pong Black Belt.

67.) Teamwork makes the dream work.

68.) One team One Dream.

69.) Table Tennis Tuesday.

70.) King Pong.

71.) Victory requires payment in advance.

72.) There’s no traffic on the extra mile.

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Ping Pong Mottos

73.) There’s no “i” in Team.

74.) Ping Me!

75.) All out, all game, all season.

76.) Play hard or go home.

77.) Don’t ring me – ping me.

78.) Table Tennis:  Not for the Timid.

79.) I spank ping pong balls.

80.) Say Less; Hit More.

81.) Ping me.

82.) Legendary Ping Pong Master.

Pong Phrases

83.) Spin to Win.

84.) Losing is not an option.

85.) In it to spin it and win it.

86.) Ping Pong Playa.

87.) The King of Ping.

88.) Serve it, smash it, win it, love it!

89.) We specialize in SKUNKS.


Pīngpāng kǒuhào hé géyán


Pīngpāng qiú kǒuhào hé zuòyòumíng

Google’s English to Chinese Translator

Ping Pong Puns

90.) Baby Got Backspin.

91.) Hit me with your best shot.

92.) You can’t win ’em all. (At least that’s what I tell the losers.)

93.) I’m gonna call you “cream cheese” because you’re about to get bageled.

94.) If I were a music record I’d be a “smash hit.”

95.) It’s “Go Time.”

96.) Refuse to Lose!

97.) Ace, Ace, Baby!

98.) Happiness is the sound of the ball.

99.) You can’t go to battles with one weapon.

100.) Life is hard. Table tennis is harder.

101.) Throwing your paddle won’t make you any better.

102.) The SpinMeister.

— Mike O’Halloran

Mike is a ping-pong player, a fan of the game, and is the founder of Sports Feel Good Stories.


For some history on the game of ping pong and playing advice, go to:

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