Hockey Certificates Templates

Cool hockey certificates templates for both boys and girls teams – recognize players, coaches and team parents. Simply, personalize, print and present.

Choose from 20 different hockey certificates. When you purchase you’ll receive a PDF file that can be used on Mac’s or PCs. Use them year-after-year for multiple teams – it’s a great deal!

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25 Certificates for #19.99

Hockey Certificate Printables

Personalize these hockey award certificates templates with players’ names, your team names, date, and your own words of praise. Designs are set to work on standard 8.5” x 11” paper. The polished way to leave a lasting impression on players.

There are certificates for the key positions: goalie, defender and front line. In addition to fan favorites like “Hockey Superstar”, “Hockey Champion”, and “Hot Shot Award,” you’ll find some unconventional certificates. Included are “Best Hockey Hair”, “Fabulous Flow”, and “Best Playoff Beard.”

Some of these offbeat awards will create as many laughs and smiles as the more traditional award certificates.

Check out these Hockey Certificates Templates

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Award Certificates Benefits

• Print as many as you like for your team. Don’t forget that you can use this year after year.

• Make your players smile! Kids, and adults for that matter, love to hear words of praise. Put the good news down in writing so that folks can enjoy it for the months ahead.

• Quick and easy to do. You just type in your text, print and you’re good to go. Ice hockey certificates in an instant.

• Professionally designed. And, it shows! These hockey certificates of achievement look great!

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Put some smiles on kids’ faces!

Puck Certificates Ideas

1.) Give them out at the end of the season pizza party.

2.) Award them after the first tourney.

3.) Hand them out after a difficult loss to raise the team’s spirits.

4.) Award some at mid-season.

5.) Have each player award one to another player.


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The Well Prepared Coach — Hockey Certificates — $19.99

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Award Ideas

You might want to include some Hockey Quotes or some Hockey Slogans on your certificates.

Lots of coaches and team parents use these hockey certificates templates at the season-ending parties. However, many choose to give these awards out throughout the year to keep players engaged. It’s your call.

Are you a big hockey fan. It’s always fun to watch the final minute of the “Miracle on Ice.”

Let’s take a closer look at some of the hockey certificates options.

Hockey certificates templates
Certificates designed for 8.5 by 11″ paper.
hockey hair certificate award image
Would any hockey certificates collection be complete without a “Hockey Hair Award”? Also, see the “Fabulous Flow” award and “Best Playoff Beard.”
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Something for everyone: goalies, defense, front line, and coaches.


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When you purchase this digital product, you’ll be immediately sent a link enabling you to download the PDF. The PDF file, which you’ll save to your computer, works on PCs and Macs.

The Well Prepared Coach — Hockey Award Certificates — $19.99

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