Stephen Curry: 17 Reasons he’s a Superstar

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is believed by many to be the greatest shooter that the NBA has ever seen. Besides being a three-time NBA All-Star, he won the 2015 NBA MVP. Stephen, also referred to as “Steph”, holds the record for most consecutive games with three-pointer. It is an NBA record with 129 three-pointers.

Stephen Curry: 17 Reasons he’s a Superstar

  1. His games have become must-see events

How many times has Curry effectively ended a game with a long 3 pointer? With each clutch shot, many times from very long range, more and more folks want to see him in action. No one is quite like him. Undoubtedly the best shooter in the game, he also has one of the best handles. These dribbling skills enable to free him from opponents and give him enough time to get off his potent shots.

  1. Curry’s charitable giving

Curry is much more than a star NBA player. He’s also a philanthropist at heart, in his own way. His charitable side became apparent as early as the 2012-13 season when he began donating 3 insecticide-treated mosquito nets every time he made a three-pointer. The donation was made to the UN’s “Nothing But Nets” program to fight malaria. On this 2015 visit to the White House, he delivered a speech for the launch of the President’s Malaria Initiative (2015-2020).

  1. 3 Point Shooting – Leading 3 Point Revolution In NBA

Curry leads the 3 point revolution in the sport. He holds the NBA record (129) for the most consecutive games for 3-pointer. He broke his own NBA record for the highest made 3-pointers within a season, from 272 made to 286 this year. But that is not all. This is the 4th consecutive season that he will be leading the league in both 3s made and attempted.

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  1. Curry’s long distance shooting

The average 3-pointer is not the only place where Curry excels. He’s finished many a half and many a game with long distance shots that are 28 feet out and beyond. He is a player who can consistently make shots, year after year, night after night. He’s able to flawlessly get into position and shoot it in rhythm every time. His consistency beats reason and that’s what makes him even greater.

  1. Steph’s Daughter

Steph is not the only one who’s shining in his family. His adorable, 3-year-old kid, Riley is excelling in her own thing. She’s a great dancer and specializes in Nae Nae. Her dance video on Silento’s “Watch Me” has gone viral like anything. It also features Curry and Jeremy Lin.

Riley Curry steals the show at press conference (video)

  1. Stephen’s Dribbling Ability & Pre-Game Workout

Stephen’s pre-game workout and ball handling skills have also become one of the attractions for his fans. It comprises of some great dribbling skills and he often finishes it up with a reverse lay-up that often looks like the easiest of things in the world. He spends around 15 minutes exhibiting his choreographed dribbling, passing and shooting drills that is a must-see.

He has another famous pre-game routine. He would doff out an imaginary hat to the crowd and then signs autographs for his fans.

  1. Curry Makes Teammates Better

Stephen’s career assists average for Regular Season is 6.9 and for Playoffs its 7.3. During 2013-14, his Regular Season average was a staggering 8.4. But his game is not just about himself, he also helps in getting the best out of his teammates. Even when he doesn’t have the ball, the very fear of him helps his teammates score easy points.

  1. Part of the Splash Brothers

Stephen Curry along with Klay Thompson form the “Splash Brothers” team and the two long-range shooters have come together to create so many NBA records for 3-point field goals by a pair. Besides, both have won the 3-Point Contest. Both are NBA All-Stars and have also won an NBA championship in 2015.

  1. Supports His Religion

Curry is an ardent Christian and attributes his success as a great NBA player to his faith in the “Lord and Savior.” He acknowledged his faith during his MVP speech and said that he plays for God. In fact, his belief is so strong that his “Curry One” sports shoes can often be seen with a lace loop with the script “4:13”. It refers to the verse Philippians 4:13 from the Bible. That is not all. He also has tattoo on his wrist that says, “Love never fails….” in Hebrew from the First Corinthians (13:8).

  1. Led His Team To Title Last Year

In 2014-15, Steph led his team to title with one of the best seasons in history. The Golden State Warriors completed the season with 67 wins, 2nd best home court advantage and a 10.1 point differential. He averaged 23.8 points in the season’s 80 games, 7.7 assists, and 2.04 steals and 4.3 rebounds, all in 32.7 minutes, the lowest minutes by any MPV in the history of the league. He went on to hit 286 threes and broke his own NBA record. And this year he’s poised to set maybe the all-time best record.

  1. Stephen Curry’s TV commercials

Stephen Curry may have become the superstar and the leading choice for many commercials today. But his experience with commercials is nothing new. He appeared in a Burger King commercial with his father Dell back when he was a youngster.

Dell and Steph Curry’s Burger King Commercial

  1. Wife – Ayesha Curry

Steph is married to Ayesha Alexander. Interestingly, the couple started dating when he was just 14 years old. They married in 2011, have two daughters Riley and Ryan, and live in Orinda, CA. Ayesha has had been into modeling and acting. Curry has often referred to his wife being one of the key factors in his success. In the NBA, they are the “it” couple.

  1. Following in Dad’s footsteps

Finding inspiration for the sport wasn’t difficult for Stephen Curry, as his father Warden Stephen “Dell” Curry himself was a professional NBA player from 1986 to 2002. Dell retired at the Charlotte Hornets with an all-time leading, 9839 points and 929 3-point field goals made.

  1. Everyman Looks but with Incredible Skills

The NBA superstar history has been populated with legends who have had either been big or strong. When it comes to Steph, he’s surprisingly very normal looking. He’s 6 feet 2 inches and weighs around 190 pounds, something normal for a basketball player. He’s got the type of build that security guards might question his credentials if he came to the arena late. Despite his ordinary looks and build, it is only amazing that he is one of the best shooter’s of all times and is a figure to fear on the court, even for the most daunting defenders in NBA.

  1. Comes Up Big in Big Moments

Curry’s consistency is so unbeatable that it always seems flawless when he delivers at the big moments. He’s amazing at his normal and is great when the big moments are here. Some of the best moments from his performances last year included:

  • Blowing Steve Kerr’s mind with his roundabout three against the Clippers.
  • Her forced overtime with his extreme corner tree against the Pelicans.
  • He dropped Chris Paul to the court with his behind-the-back crossovers.
  • He hit the three-quarter court shot against the resilient Grizzlies to give his team an 8-point lead in a game they won by 13.
  • He dropped 40 points in the Western Conference Game 3 finals that helped the Warriors secure the biggest winning margin in postseason.

The list of his performances is so long that it is not possible to determine which game to miss.

  1. Stephen Curry’s Twitter Account

Stephen Curry is great not only on the court, but also on Twitter (his Twitter handle is @StephenCurry30). He often comes up with a funny or great tweet to lighten it out for his fans, teammates and friends. When David Lee moved on from Golden State to Boston Celtics, Curry came up with a funny farewell tweet:

“In honor of my boy @Dlee042 taking the next step in his career, this is how we started our relationship! Love you bro,”

He posted it with a video link saying, “Stephen Curry blocks David Lee and David Lee cries about it.”

The video showed a Warriors-Knicks game from 2009 where Curry rejected a shot by Lee. It then shows Lee jawing at Curry during the final seconds (the game was won by the Warriors).

In another instance, Curry tweeted, “What Did Steph Just Do to CP3?” after he grounded Chris Paul in a game.

  1. Greatest Shooter of All Time in NBA

Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Jamal Crawford, and Kyle Korver are claimed to be the greatest shooters of all time. Ray Allen is considered the undisputed leader and his 2005-06 record of 269 3-Pointers was considered to be unbeatable until Stephen Curry made 272 and then 286 in 2015. Allen’s overall record of 2,973 Three-Pointers made seems to be almost unbreakable, but Steph seems to have a long way to go to beat it.

What’s the next step for Curry? Having already earned his superstar status, is the next step up “living legend”?

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