Funny Dodgeball Team Names

Looking for some funny dodgeball team names? By its nature, the game was designed to enjoy and have some fun with. Likewise, your team name should reflect a spirit of fun. Take a look at our lists of names below to find one to your liking.

Best Dodgeball Team Names

1. Duck Dynasty.
2. Elusive Butterflies of Love.
3. Chuck, Duck and Dive.
4. The Human Targets.
5. Dip n’ Dive.
6. In the Dodge house.
7. Duck and Cover.
8. Duck, Duck, Chuck.
9. The Underdodge.
10. Who let the Dodgers out?
11. Aim for the fat kid.
12. You really miss me.
13. Reservoir Dodge.
15. Dead Ducks.

Clever Dodgeball Team Names

16. Dodgy Style.
17. Beastie Balls.
18. Great Balls on Fire.
19. Allergic to Rubber.
20. Dodge this.
21. Can’t Dodge This.
22. Salad Dodgers.
23. Untouchaballs.
24. You Can’t Dodge This.
25. Artful Dodgers.
26. Hurl and Hide.
27. Won’t Move for Cake.
28. Don’t Stop Ballieving.
29. Odd Ducks.
30. Old Dodgers.

funny dodgeball team names

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Good Dodgeball Team Names

31. Dodger Federer.
32. Hand of Dodge.
33. Hotdodgers.
34. Ball of Duty 3.
35. Who Let the Dodge Out?
36. Slumdodge Millionaires.
37. Snoop Dodgy Dodge.
38. Ninja Hurlers.
39. Thunderballs of Justice.
40. Not in the Face.
41. The Dodgesaurs.
42. Roger the Dodgers.
43. Dodger Ebert.
44. Dodger Daltrey.
45. Dodger Clemens.

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Good Team Names and How To Choose One Video

Hilarious Dodgeball Team Names

46. Average Joes.
47. Big Red.
48. Purple Cobras.
49. Rampage.
50. Resistence.
51. Peeking Ducks.
52. Lame Ducks.
53. She-Mullets.
54. Sitting Ducks.
55. Skillz That Killz.
56. Team Blitzkrieg.
57. The Artful Dodgers.
58. The Dodgefathers.
59. The Flyballers.
60. The Jager Bombers.

Dodgeball Team Name

61. Bye Week.
62. Undertakers.
63. We’re Aiming For The Fat One.
64. The Mighty Ducks.
65. Ballarina’s.
66. Ball-Der-Dash.
67. Ballsagna.
68. Don’t Stop Ballieving.
69. Girl Scout Dropouts.
70. Globo Gym.
71. Hard Targets.
72. If You Can Dodge A Wrench…
73. Kamikazes.
74. Las Vegas Police Department.
75. Much Ado About Balls.

Funny Dodgeball Team Names

76. Not in The Face.
77. Picked Last!
78. Crash Test Dummies.
79. Blood Sweat and Beer.
80. Clown Punchers.
81. Dirty Dodgers.
82. Dodge Chargers.
83. Dodge, Dip, Duck and Dive.
84. Dodging Divas.
85. Dodging Under the Influence.
86. Dodgy Birds.
87. The Dodge Fathers.
88. The Dodger Moores.
89. Dodging Bullets.
90. Get out of Dodge.

Top Dodgeball Names

91. The Ball Dodgers.
92. The Flying Buttresses.
92. The Donotgethitteam.
93. The Evaders.
94. Chuck and Duck.
95. The Dodgefathers.
96. The Dodge Caravans.
97. Dodging Devil Donkeys.
98. Dodge Demons.
99. Team Win.
100. The Last Picked.
101. The Dodge Darts.
102. Sitting Ducks.
103. No Hit Sherlock.
104. Victorious Secret.
105. Hot Diggity Dodge.
106. Top Dodgeball Prospects.
107. Dodging Ball Fools.
109. Team Top Dodge.
110. Ball Dodge Heroes.
111. Donut Call List.
112. Can’t Dodge This…
113. Dodge City Dodgeball Dodgers.
114. Swahili Thunder.
115. Ball-Der-Dash.
116. Seal Team Six.
117. Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers.
118. Spaced Out.
119. Friendstalkers.
120. Disco Derby Dodgeballers.


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From Wikipedia:

“Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. In North America, the game is typically played among children 6–12 in elementary school. However, internationally, the sport has also emerged as a popular middle school, high school and college sport and in some countries universities also play the sport. It is also popular in informal settings and is often played on a playground, community or in organised recreational leagues.

There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them.” For more on dodgeball…

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