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The Best Blake Griffin Quotations

The people that are surrounding me have my best interest.

This has been a dream for me.

I’m going to be working on my shot. Working on extending my range. Keep working on everything, and really studying the game.

Blake Griffin QuotesIt’s cool to actually have my own trading card.

The best part is if you dunk on someone at home and they show it on the replay!

After you have a big game, you can’t just say, ‘That’s it, I’ve arrived,’ by any means. I’m always pushing it to be better. You always want to be better than you are, no matter what. I think that’s important.

This must be how the guys in Space Jam felt when MJ gave them their powers back through that old basketball.

Once you become complacent and once you’re happy with your performance or whatever it is, I don’t think you’ll get better as quickly.

Blake Griffin Quotes

It seemed like we were losing every night for a different reason. Now we’re winning a different way every time. It’s a great feeling.

Teams want me to do something stupid. You want to get to the point where nothing affects you, where you control them.

I was always chasing Taylor, trying to keep up with him.

I followed Taylor everywhere – I was always trying to catch up after him or go with him.
Blake Griffin Interview on Conan — Video

Blake Griffin was a first overall NBA Draft Pick.  See a list of first overall NBA Draft Picks.

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