Pickleball Slogans, Puns, Sayings, Captions

Our pickleball slogans, puns, and captions will have enthusiasts excited to hit the courts. We’ve brainstormed and collected the best to provide you lots of ideas.

While pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S., it’s also relatively new. As such, one is not overwhelmed with all the choices for a team slogan or motto. But, that’s where we can help. Check these out, and let us know what you think.

Best Pickleball Slogans

1.) Pickleball Star — Dill with it.

2.) I’m Picklish!

3.) Stay out of the kitchen.

4.) Dinkin’ GoNuts!

5.) Relish Pickleball.

6.) The spin cycle is on high.

7.) Smash Bros.

8.) Great minds dink alike.

9.) Carpe Dinkum.

10.) Dink Responsibly — don’t get smashed!

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Good Pickleball Slogans

11.) If I were a music record I’d be a “smash hit.”

12.) Paddle faster, I hear banjos.

13.) S*M*A*S*H.

14.) In a pickle.

15.) Dink Forrest Dink.

16.) King of the Court.

Creative Pickleball Slogans

17.) Pickleball Mom: Like a regular mom only cooler.

18.) Game on.

19.) Quit Dinkin’ Around.

20.) Ace, Ace, Baby.

21.) Spin it to win it.

22.) Adulting can wait, let’s play pickleball.

23.) Pickleball Ninja.

Pickleball Captions

24.) World’s okayest pickleball player.

25.) You will come to believe: the ball is always coming back.

26.) Never underestimate an old man with a paddle.

27.) Hit me with your best shot.

28.) Serving Justice.

29.) The Human Backboard.

30.) Order on the court.

31.) Piccadilly Circus.

32.) Mid-court Crisis.

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Pickleball Puns

33.) You just got served.

34.) King of Swing.

35.) You’ve just entered the No-Win Zone.

36.) Pickleball Blackbelt.

37.) Introverted but willing to discuss pickleball.

38.) The Racqueteers.

39.) The SpinMeister.

40.) Mondays are better with pickleball.

41.) Pickleballin’ with Swag.

42.) Think dink.

43.) Fear the Paddle!

44.) Pickleball Junkie.

45.) Pickleball — Where tennis players go to die.

46.) My retirement plan: Play Pickleball.

47.) Dink Positive.

48.) Pickleball: Win or Die!

Pickleball Sayings

49.) Pickleball Team — We’re kind of a big dill.

50.) I don’t always play pickleball, oh wait, yes I do.

51.) You had me at pickleball.

52.) Steve Lobs.

53.) Hit it to my partner.

54.) I love my wife, just not as much as pickleball

55.) Pickleball anyone?

56.) The Dare Doubles.

57.) A day without pickleball wouldn’t kill me. But, why risk it?

58.) Dinkasaur.

59.) OMG – One More Game.

60.) The Volley Llamas

61.) Keep Calm and Pickle On.

Pickleball Meme

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62.) One of those pickleball players.

63.) Zero Zero Two.

64.) Holy Pickleballs!

65.) I dink in the kitchen.

66.) Pickleball Addict.

67.) Baby Got Backhand.

68.) Retirement drives me to dink.

69.) I can’t, I have pickleball.

70.) Pickleball is my therapy.

71.) Proud to be a pickleball grandaughter.

72.) It’s go time.


73.) Paddle Master.

74.) Pickleball is calling and I must go.

75.) I play Pickleball, what’s your superpower?

76.) I only wake up for Pickleball.

77.) Cleaning up in the Kitchen.

78.) Lobb Salad.

79.) Pickleball is my racquet.

80.) I dink therefore I am.

81.) Pickleball is my favorite season.

82.) If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

83.) Plays pickleball well with others.

84.) OPD — Obsessive Pickleball Disorder

85.) I have a dinking problem.

Learn how to hit that critical 3rd shot in pickleball video.

Pickleball Hashtags

86.) #picklishandproud

87.) #wereabigdill

88.) #werelishpickleball

89.) #youvemetyourmatch

90.) #justiceincourt

91.) #beinapickle

92.) #nostringsattached

93.) #serveitsmashitwinit

94.) #yougotserved

95.) #refusetolose

96.) #alloutallgame

97.) #downrightsmashing

98.) #inaprettypickle

99.) #whateverittakes

100.) #fearnone

101.) #believeandachieve

102.) #winthelastpoing

How to use these pickleball slogans and puns

As pickleball is a relatively new sport, you’ll likely find no shortage of places where you might put these pickleball sayings to use. Here are some ideas:

a.) T-shirts.
b.) Posters for tournaments and leagues.
c.) Emails to fellow competitors and friends.
d.) Signs for league play.
e.) Social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.
f.) In conversations on the pickleball courts.
g.) As a motto to pump up your partner and yourself.

— Mike O’Halloran

Mike is a former tennis teacher, current pickleball player, and editor of Sports Feel Good Stories.


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