Kickball Team Names That Rock

Looking for some kickball team names that express your attitude about the game? Check out our lists below. Find a great kickball team name for your boys, girls, men, women, co-ed, intramural, and adult rec squads.

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Funny Kickball Team Names

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Cool Team Names for Kickball

We know what you’re thinking:  how many ways can you place the word “kick” into a name? Well, we’ve found several. Read on…

  • One Kick Wonders.
  • We’ve Got the Runs.
  • Scared Kickless.
  • Recess All-Stars.
  • Our squad has a kick to hit.
  • We get a kick out of winning.
  • New Kicks On The Block.
  • No Game Scheduled.
  • Natural Born Kickers.
  • Alive and Kicking.
  • Kicking others to the Curb since 2012.
  • We kick like mules.

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Funny Team Names

  • Dream Crushers.
  • Toe Jammers.
  • Kickin’ Grass and Taken’ Names.
  • Kick the Habit.
  • It’s Not Going to Kick Itself.
  • Pitches Be Crazy.
  • Ace of 2nd Base.
  • Wasted Potential – the Kickball Team that never quite put it together.
  • We came, we saw, we kicked!
  • Recreational Hazard.
  • Ace of 2nd Base.
  • Fresh Prince of Ball Air.

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The Best Kickball Team Names

We Do Kickn’ Right.

Kicking it Old School.

Kick the can.

New Kicks on the Block.

The Ballbarians.

I Got 99 Problems, But My Kick Ain’t One.

Slim Kickins.

Not Your Father’s Kickball Team.

Swift Kick in the Grass.

Don’t Stop Ballieving.

Kick it and Bounce.

Suns Out Guns Out.

We Got the Runs.

It’s not just for 5 year-olds anymore.

It’s not just a game, it’s a lifestyle.

The All-Toe Team.

Recess Rejects.

Netkicks and Chill.

Fresh Prince of Ball Air.

Kickball Kamikaze Stars.

Pope Benekicks.

The Unstoppables.

Boot by the Foot.

Moves like Kick Jagger.

Mule Kickers!

Get Your Kicks!

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Clever Monikers for Your Kickball Team

  • Kicktators.
  • Sons of Pitches.
  • Bundt Cakes.
  • Kicks R For Kids.
  • Our Kicks Don’t Lie.
  • Saved by the Ball.
  • Pitch Please.
  • Recess Renegades.
  • The Kickball Team That Will Beat Yours.
  • Pitches Be Trippin.
  • Pitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.
  • RiKICKulous.


For Kickball’s Official Rules

Good Kickball Team Names

  • That Better Squad.
  • Vandelay Industries.
  • Three Kicks to the Win.
  • Life’s a Pitch.
  • Baller Status.
  • Jiminy Kick-it.
  • 2 Legit 2 Kick.
  • Shin Kickers.
  • Menace to Sobriety.
  • Leadfoot Leprachans.
  • Kicker Bees.
  • Pitch Kickers.



Awesome Selections

  • The Kickbacks.
  • Kickelob Light.
  • Rockstar Lifestyle.
  • Cool Name Pending.
  • Victorious Secret.
  • The Who’s on First.
  • Lemony Kickit: A Series of Unfortunate Innings.
  • Keg Kickers.
  • Kick Assassins.
  • Last Picks.
  • Matching T-shirts.
  • Gym Class Heroes.
  • The Kickin’ Chickens.
  • Miami Feet.
  • The Fellowkick of the Balls.
  • The Sick Kicks.
  • Rubber Cannons.
  • The Grass Stains.
  • Weekend Warriors.
  • Pitch Perfects.
  • Kickin’ Balls and Takin’ Names.
  • Kickstarters.
  • The New York Kicks.

Hilarious Team Names

  • Dropkick Murphys.
  • Sultans of Swing.
  • Playground Playa’s.
  • Bye Week.
  • Lunachicks.
  • Foot Fetishes.
  • Monstars.
  • The Stepfathers.
  • Miracle Whipped.
  • Ball of Duty.
  • We’re too old for this.
  • Has Beens.

Per Wikipedia,

“Kickball, originally called “Kick Baseball”, was invented as early as 1917 by Nicholas C Seuss, Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio. Seuss submitted his first documented overview of the game which included 12 rules and a field diagram in The Playground Book, published in 1917. Kickball is referred to as “Kick Base Ball” and “Kick Baseball” in this book.

Read more on kickball at Wikipedia.

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