Clever Wifi Names

Wifi names are not necessarily something you talk about often. Yet, a really funny one can cut through the clutter of the standard fare like a hot knife through butter.

Do you really want to be that household that puts their surname up for their wifi name? No, I didn’t think so. That’s just boring. You’re better than that.

We asked Tim Moodie, greeting card writer, creative director, and toy inventor to come up with a list of 101 clever wifi names. Have a stroll through this collection and see if one catches your eye. If not, maybe the list will inspire you to come up with one of your own. Enjoy!

101 Clever WIFI Names To Stand Out

  1. Lord of the Pings.
  2. Pretty Fly for Wifi.
  3. Not a Meth Lab.
  4. Everyday I’m Buffering.
  5. Take my Wifi, Please.
  6. Jesus Saves…Crosby on the rebound. Scores!
  7. No more Mister Wifi.
  8. Wifi art thou Romeo.
  9. Keep it on the Download.
  10. Untrusted Network.

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Creative Choices

  1. Wifi when you can drive.
  2. Guess where we live.
  3. Wi Fi Fo Fum.
  4. Volvo Mafia Safehouse.
  5. Life in the Fast LAN.
  6. Nacho Wifi.
  7. Girls Gone Wireless.
  8. Winternet is Coming.
  9. The LAN Down Under.
  10. Man and Wifi.
  11. Do you feel lucky punk?
  12. The LAN before Time.
  13. Area 51.
  14. Kill the Wabbit.
  15. I’m under your bed.
  16. Get off my LAN.
  17. You ain just here for the hunting.
  18. Mom, use this one!
  19. Knock Knock.
  20. That’s my Momma.Clever wifi names image

Funny Wifi Names To Make Your Neighbors Laugh

  1. Viruses Abound.
  2. And Don’t Call Me Shirely.
  3. Bill Wi the Science Fi.
  4. Pick Me!
  5. Password is Popcorn.
  6. Fast and Curious.
  7. Wifi the feeling?
  8. Unsafe at any speed.
  9. Race Against Time.
  10. Vance Refrigeration.
  11. The fast track.
  12. Pine for not thy neighbor’s Wifi.
  13. Wu Tang Lan.
  14. Connection Lost.
  15. Not the Wifi You’re looking for.
  16. Access Denied.
  17. Wifi? Wi-not?
  18. Not in Range.
  19. Step on the Gas.
  20. Beer me a password.

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What Does Wifi Mean?

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The definition of wifi is “a facility allowing smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly in a particular area, e.g. a home or office.”

Cool Naming Options for Your Wifi

  1. The LANisters send their regards.
  2. Bandwidth Together.
  3. Silence of the LANs.
  4. Cheeses take the wheel.
  5. Covet not the neighbor’s Wifi.
  6. Abraham Linksys.
  7. Drop it like it’s a Hotspot.
  8. I believe we can Wifi.
  9. The Promised LAN.
  10. Your Wifi is not the issue.
  11. This One.
  12. Free Bird not played here.
  13. Have you stopped beating your wifi?
  14. The LAN of the free.
  15. The Internet.
  16. Try Again.
  17. Chance the Router.
  18. Alice in WonderLAN.
  19. Missed Connections.
  20. Virus Free for 36 hours.
  21. Network Unavailable.
  22. Bandwidth on the Run.
  23. This LAN is my LAN.
  24. Life in the Fast LAN.
  25. Make it Snappy.

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What Does LAN mean?

The definition of LAN or Local Area Network is a computer network that is confined to a small area, e.g. a room or a building.

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Hilarious Selections

  1. FBI Van 3.
  2. Alcohol You Later.
  3. Super Bowl Ping.
  4. Surveillance Van.
  5. Loading…
  6. Not your Neighbor’s Wifi.
  7. Worlds of WonderLAN.
  8. Running on the Lan.
  9. You’ll Never Guess the Password.
  10. Connection Found.
  11. Security Recommendation.
  12. Web Master Says No.
  13. Declined.
  14. Back Away from the Wifi.
  15. I’m with the Bandwidth.
  16. Even with My Eyes Closed.
  17. My Dog Created the Password.
  18. Stairway to Wifi.
  19. Free Trial.
  20. Snap It Up.
  21. Keep it on the Download.
  22. IP in the Shower.
  23. You’re Being Watched.
  24. Been There Seen That.
  25. Hot Hits the Spot.
  26. Is This Your Wifi?


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